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Some of the topics we're loaded with today: 400,000 More Jobless Claims || Cain Hanging in There|| Occupy Racists Protest Obama

Morning Update: Early Christmas

The fallout from a stupid Halloween party, a former employee, out-of-control political correctness and the mighty New York Times is hundreds of lives shattered ... dreams destroyed. Just in time for the holidays. This is what journalists live for! For the Times, Christmas came early this year!

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NAGs Up in Arms Because Siri Won't Direct to Abortion Clinics... Political Correctness Closes NY Firm That Threw Party Mocking Homeless... Muslim Brotherhood Likely to Take Majority in Egypt... Obama: My Kids Will be Fine Even if Country Tanks... Newt to Meet with Trump ... 70% Prefer "Merry Christmas" Greeting ... Productivity Revised Downward...


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