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 "The New York Times today in an article on Barney Frank called him 'prickly,' and I think they probably meant that as a compliment given that the New York Times said it. Can you imagine what would happen if I described Barney Frank as 'prickly'?"

"Would somebody explain to me where is the valor in sitting on your butt taking money from other people? Where is the honor, where is the greatness, where is this entitlement that allows people to get up every day and think they are owed something because of some mysterious crime against them that's gone on all of their lives."

"It's very simple, folks. Just like with the communists in the Soviet Union or the ChiComs, the ultimate goal of the Democrat Party is to discourage anyone from getting anything unless it comes from The Party -- The Party equaling the government."

"No doubt in my mind, Occupy Wall Street, one of the reasons it's falling apart is because of the Republican nomination campaign."

"By the way, I'm a little jealous. A hundred Occupy people showed at Obama's fundraiser; they think he's sold out now because Obama's raising money with the 1%. They feel betrayed. I only got 15 of these ragamuffins on Tuesday night at Town Hall. Obama gets a hundred of them!"

"Here's Andy Stern in the Wall Street Journal telling us the free market system is an abject failure; it's had its run; we need to be like China. I don't know if Andy Stern is just ignorant or venal or if he's just a flat-out communist. Probably all three."

"I am convinced that the Occupy Wall Street movement is an Obama creation to destroy Romney."

"Capitalism is not what's happening in this country, and here come these Occupy Wall Street people -- and who knows how many others in dire economic circumstances -- who think the problem is free markets, because that's what they believe this country is engaged in now, when of course the word 'free' and 'Obama' simply can't peacefully co-exist in the same sentence."

"We have the president and his minions and his journalists and the rest of the Democrat Party running around citing class warfare with this 1% versus 99% -- and of course the 1% that we're all supposed to hate are the producers. The 1% that we're all supposed to hate are people who work. The 1% that we're all supposed to hate are the people who are earning a living and paying taxes."

"We finally reached a point here, ladies and gentlemen -- and this is something I have been warning you people about for two-plus decades -- where liberals are comfortable citing communism as the endgame."

"This election is about the individual versus the state. This upcoming election is about the public sector versus the private sector. This upcoming election is about state control of property versus individuals controlling their own private property. This is an election of the makers versus the takers, and what hangs in the balance really is the American way of life."

"Poverty in China is defined as somebody earning less than a dollar $1.25 a day. You know how poverty in this country is defined: $29,500 for a family of four."

"Has anybody stopped to realize nothing has come of those Herman Cain sexual harassment charges other than the charges?"

"My favorite Jelly Belly jelly bean is the buttered popcorn flavor. I have to find a way to get a supply of just those."

"The rich in China, for the most part -- the really rich that would be rich in the sense that you and I think of rich -- are trying to leave, because they are targets. No wonder Andy Stern loves this system!"

"I can't believe how history repeats. It was just 1989 and '90, the Berlin Wall comes down. It was not that long ago that we thought we had defeated state communism, Soviet state communism, and now look where we are. I don't mean to sound hysterical here, but this has been an incredible week, folks, for what the regime is willing to admit to here."

"You know where the news is on cable networks? It's in the crawl at the bottom of the screen. That's where you find out what's going on in the world. That's where you find out there's been a plane crash, that's where you find out if some kid's been kidnapped, that's where you find out if a bank has been robbed."

"There's no news anymore. The media don't even make any pretense. There's not even any mainstream press. It's just a giant White House public information office."

"The news media is the Democrat Party's defense lawyers and the Republican Party's prosecutors."

"Who would have ever believed that we would have elected a president who could literally pass such a freedom-killing piece of legislation called Obamacare? Who would have believed that we would have elected a president who has purposely, systematically destroyed how many millions of jobs in the private sector for one reason, to grow the government."

"The history of the human race is more commonly found in tyrannical regimes. That's what's been so amazing about this country, and our existence has been in part to liberate as many people from those types of regimes as possible."

"There isn't a person alive other than a deranged, uneducated college student -- in other words, young, naive, maleducated, ill-educated person. There isn't a person alive of any age and maturity and power who is suggesting or promoting a communist-type government without knowing what it is."



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