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NAGs Up in Arms Because Siri Won't Direct to Abortion Clinics
RUSH: Have you heard the latest controversy involving Apple's new iPhone 4S and Siri, the voice assistant? If you activate it and you ask it for the nearest abortion clinic, it gives you none. It lists the nearest Crisis Pregnancy Centers, and the NAGs and the feminazis and NARAL and everybody -- the leftists -- are fit to be tied. They are beyond ticked off. They are irritated. The New York Times is writing about this, and Apple says, "Oh, whoa, whoa, whoa! No, no, no, no, it's a beta! There's not a political statement here. All it is is it's a search engine, and the search engine it's garbage in, garbage out. We're working on a fix." All the Siri does is go to a search engine. It's not Google. I forget what it is, but as all search engines are, you can buy positions on a search engine. So ask it, "Where is the nearest abortion clinic?" and they take you to anything but.

Either they tell you it can't be done (I don't have that information) or it sends you to a Crisis Pregnancy Center. (interruption) Yeah, that's right. If you ask Siri for the nearest escort service, it will tell you. If you ask Siri, "Where's the nearest cathouse?" if one's listed, it will tell you. If you ask Siri, "What's the easiest way to bury a body?" you get an answer. But if you ask Siri for the nearest abortion clinic, and sends you to a crisis pregnancy center -- and the left is just freaking. Because of all things, of all companies, Apple! Sso the Apple PR people are working on this and they're getting upset. It's a beta. It's a beta and they're working on a fix here. It really has become big on every Apple blog that I read. It's become a big deal.

It's just funny.

Political Correctness Closes NY Firm That Threw Party Mocking Homeless
RUSH: From Amherst, New York: "A document processing firm connected with an embattled New York foreclosure law firm is going out of business. Pillar Processing Inc. in suburban Buffalo notified the New York state Department of Labor Wednesday that it will close at the end of February, putting 586 people out of work in Amherst and 18 more in Westbury on Long Island. Pillar was begun by attorney Steven J. Baum, whose law firm is one of the largest-volume mortgage foreclosure firms in New York. The Baum firm, with 90 employees, last week revealed its plans to close after enduring criticism for a Halloween party that mocked the homeless and then losing referrals from Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac." In other words, 586 people have lost their jobs because they told a bunch of jokes at a party. Criticism for a Halloween party that mocked the homeless and then losing referrals from Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. They lose their jobs because they were making fun of the homeless -- well, mocking the homeless.

Muslim Brotherhood Likely to Take Majority in Egypt
RUSH: Al Hunt -- I remember Al Hunt, and I don't know how many other journalistas -- saying that there's nothing about Obama's foreign policy to criticize. Of course liberals never think there's anything to criticize about their guys. What is happening in the Middle East, a basically -- Obama is helping to usher in a caliphate from Morocco clear across the Middle East. Slate.com has the story: "Islamists on Track to Take Majority in Egyptian Election." Now, I remember when the Arab spring started we had all of other neocons on our side saying, "Oh, it's a democracy outbreak! Oh, it's a wonderful. It's a spreading of democracy in the Middle East! Why look at that what's happening there in Tahriri Square," which is a circle, by the way, but it was happening there. I said, "I don't know about that."

Remember we had Nic Robertson CNN out there talking to Mustafa and Achmed. Those were two of the funniest sound bites I have ever played on this program. Nic Robertson, he's there (impression), "And I have Mustafa, now! Mustafa, tell me, what is the reaction here on the ground at Tahriri Square to Obama? Obama loving the riots here and Obama is promising jobs for the young people," and Mustafa says, "Obama? Obama? Obama doesn't care about anything. Obama hasn't done anything. What do you mean Obama? Hell with you," and Robertson says, "Hey, we clearly hear they're excited about the role President Obama has played. Movingly on, I'm now talking to Achmed. Achmed, as you look at things here, what is your reaction to President Obama and what President Obama has done?"

"He hasn't said anything. He hasn't encouraged us, Obama. We're doing this on our own. Screw Obama."

"Well, as you can hear," said Nic Robertson, "the sentiment here over President Obama and his role in these protests is wildly popular and building." It was the most outrageously funny, hilarious thing I've ever seen. However what's happening in Egypt now, you know all those people are protesting in Tahriri Square? They're getting their butts kicked! They are not the ones winning the elections. Their people are not the ones taking over. The Muslim Brotherhood's taking over the place. It's not those people that were protesting. The "moderate" Muslim Brotherhood or whatever, but it's hilarious. It's not hilarious. Headline: "US Finds Reassurance in Egypt's Peaceful Voting -- After two days of largely peaceful voting marked by high turnouts US spokesmen termed Egypt's first vote since Mubarak's ouster a success." It isn't. The people who led the protests -- the kids, their version of Occupy Wall Street -- are getting shellacked, and it was clear as a bell anybody who purchased this is what was happening, what was going on.

Obama: My Kids Will be Fine Even if Country Tanks
RUSH: So last night Obama is at one of his many fundraisers in New York City -- and he's talking to donors from the 1% -- and one of the things he says to reporters is, "Our kids are gonna be fine. I always tell Malia and Sasha, 'Look, you guys, I don't worry about you.' They're on a path to be successful even if the country as a whole is not successful. But that's not our vision. I don't want an America where my kids are living beyond walls and gates and can't feel a part of a country that's giving everybody a shot." Now, my kids, I don't worry, they're gonna be fine no matter what happens to the country.

Newt to Meet with Trump
RUSH: I just got the note here. I don't know when it's gonna happen, but Newt is going to sit down and have a tete-a-tete with Donald Trump. This is becoming standard operating procedure. In interest of full disclosure, I will soon be playing golf with Donald Trump, so don't keep me out of this equation. I'm in there, too, folks.

70% Prefer "Merry Christmas" Greeting
RUSH: Seventy percent of people, according to Rasmussen -- 70% of Americans -- prefer "Merry Christmas" over "Happy Holidays" on store signs.  "Holiday shoppers, as they have for several years, would prefer to be greeted with signs reading Merry Christmas rather than happy holidays this season."

Productivity Revised Downward
RUSH: "Productivity's been weaker than thought. Wages slip." This is Reuters, again, revising outward economic news. "The rebound in US nonfarm productivity growth was not as strong as previously estimated in the third quarter while wages declined for two straight quarters, supporting the Federal Reserve's views of moderate inflation pressures. Economists polled by Reuters had forecast productivity, which measures hourly output per worker being revised down to 2.6% growth rate. The revision reflects a much slower gross domestic product growth pace during the July-September period." Ah, it's just two or three weeks ago they had this big exciting two and a half percent GDP number. "Well, we're roaring back out there," and it just never is true. The numbers all get revised down, and I don't report this happily, folks, I do not. It's heartbreaking, actually.


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