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Some of the topics we're loaded with today: Unemployment Down as People Stop Looking || Newt Rise Continues || Islamists Poised to Seize Power in Egypt

Regime Manipulates Numbers to Get Unemployment Headline Under 9%

RUSH: I got up this morning and I did the show prep routine and one of the first places I always go is Drudge and I saw it right there in red, and it's 8.6, and that's all it said, and I knew what it was. It's Friday, and I didn't need to know anything else.  I knew that was the unemployment number, 8.6, and that's all anybody else is gonna hear. They're not gonna dig deep and find out how it happened.

Converted Lib Says His Marriage was Saved by EIB

CALLER:  I met a wonderful woman a few years back and married her, and she's a conservative Republican, and about a year ago, our debates with each other were getting so bad that we were about to go through a divorce, and I'm driving in the car one day and I start listening to your show, and you really opened my eyes.  I've been converted over to a conservative Republican; and I tell you, me and my wife now get along better than ever.

Conservative Voter Seeks Motivation

CALLER: I called because I was looking for motivation.  I'm a Republican, a conservative Republican.  With all that's been going on, candidate after candidate has just been slapping around.  Within my own community we are having a lot of issues with trying to decide who we want to represent us on the Republican side.

Zbigniew Brzezinski: Sheer Lunacy

RUSH:  I feel like I'm listening to a Bond villain here: "The United States rapidly becoming one of the most socially unjust in the wooorld in the area of foreign policy at which I excel. I alone permitted to make this judgment and I look at the United States and I see this widening gap of rich and poor.  I myself am rich, but I deserve to be rich because I'm smarter than all the rest of you plebes.... What it really means is, I'm not being invited to the right parties anymore, because I worked for that dummkopf Jimmy Carter."

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