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MORE Entries from Two If By Tea's YouTube Commercial Contest

No Winner Yet. We'll Announce the Final Ad on Wednesday.

RUSH: Folks, we posted a couple more videos. People have entered in our YouTube contest Two If By Tea. Kathryn's gonna kill me, but we started the bottling process today of the two new flavors and she sent me pictures of both. I can't wait 'til I can announce this stuff. I'm jumping the gun on that but we're soon gonna be able to be announcing these two new flavors.

I'm gonna talk about our little gift thing here real quickly. You know Ronald Reagan used to keep a jar of jelly beans on hand for important meetings and Reagan actually said, "You can tell a lot about a fellow's character by his way of eating jelly beans.

Does he pick out all of one color or just grab a handful of them." The Jelly Belly people have the quote on all their Reagan products. So what we've done, we have included a pouch of Reagan's favorite Jelly Belly jelly beans, red, white, and blue in our patriotic gift set. Not only can you annoy liberal relatives with a Rush Revere mug, actually two of them with the saying, "Liberals Are Coming," you can also test their character at the same time with these Jelly Bellys, just grab one of each color, or just grab a handful.

originalNow, we're continuing this because the feedback on this has been amazing. So much so we made the decision to restock our warehouses. We had no idea how this was gonna go. We didn't do any market research, just threw it out there, and so we've restocked the warehouses so that we have enough supply for the duration of the holidays. We really want you to be able to have these gifts because they scream American pride on all levels. The blue gift box has got two top-quality 14-ounce white mugs with me, Rush Revere, on one side and an infamous quote on the back, "The Liberals Are Coming" or "O Say Can You Tea," and the mugs are made and packed right here in the USA.


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