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Two Stand-Out Entries from Two If By Tea's YouTube Commercial Contest

These Aren't the Winners Yet. We'll Announce Those Wednesday.

RUSH: You might remember a few weeks ago we ran a YouTube commercial contest for Two If By Tea, and we asked people to come up with creative 30-second YouTube commercials that showcased our brand of tea.  We did it as a contest and we're gonna have prizes and so forth, and people have been submitting these things, and I've forgotten to mention this over the course of this, and we've posted a couple of them at RushLimbaugh.com.  These are not winners.  We're going to announce the winners of this contest on Wednesday, but we haven't done that yet. We put two videos up just to show you examples of what we got.  They're all good.  Some of them are just out-of-sight amazing. 

Some of them we are actually thinking of running as television commercials.  I'm not committing to it, but I say we're thinking about it.  They are that good.  So we put a couple of them at RushLimbaugh.com and on our Facebook page, and I'll tell you: So many of you people who did this met and surpassed our expectations and our challenge.  These video YouTube entries are incredible.  They vary from hysterical to serious to musical to electronic -- cartoons, animation -- even a little odd.  I mean you have to see them.  We're gonna put a lot of them up at some point.  I've just got two of them up right now, but they all showcase American exceptionalism.  So the president of the United States is out there saying everybody is getting lazy; the American worker is getting lazy.  I say just the opposite. 

People who submitted these YouTube-type, 30-second commercials for Two If By Tea put in some of the most incredible time and effort.  They have to have to do this.  Actors, actresses, musical scores; people went out in the woods and filmed themselves as Paul Revere riding through the woods. It's just amazing, and we're having a devil of a time picking the top three.  They're all that good.  So we're gonna announce the winner on Wednesday, and here's what I did: I asked the broadcast engineer to get the audio of one of the entries.  We don't have the means to play the video on the Dittocam (and even if we did, I wouldn't do it because this is a radio show and that's what we have the website for), but we are gonna play the audio for this. It's an example of one of the videos that we received. Most of the videos need to be watched, but this one's good for radio because it's lyrical, and it's inspired by Longfellow's poem, "Paul Revere's Ride."

PATRIOT: (colonial music) (horse galloping) Listen, my patriots, and you shall hear of the brand-new product from Rush Revere. The Doctor of Democracy has the cure (horse whinnies) it's liberty in a bottle, that is for sure. Spreading the word from sea to sea, it's freedom for all -- it's Two If By Tea! Original, Raspberry, comes even in Diet. Now heed the call (horse whinnies), go out and buy it! Soon the people will waken and listen to hear of the brand-new product from Rush Revere. (fireworks popping) A historic new taste "From tea to shining tea," try the new beverage of choice of the Twenty-First Century: Two If By Tea. Two If By Tea!

originalRUSH:  You've got to see this. (laughs) You really do. Some of you in this audience are just amazing with some of these things you put together, and I can't wait to show you a whole bunch of them.  As I say, we've just got two of them up there. At RushLimbaugh.com or TwoIfByTea.com or if you go to our Facebook, you'll see a reminder if you're looking for a great patriotic gift, we're doing a special on the gift.


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