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My Core is Not Up for Grabs


RUSH: This is Sam in Walnut Creek, California. Hi, Sam, great to have you on the program.

CALLER: Hey, Rush, mega dittos to you.

RUSH: Thank you, sir.

CALLER: You don't have to worry about me gunning for you. I think you got me right here, but one of the things I want to mention was earlier in the show you were touching upon people who were actually saying Obama would somehow be better than Newt?

RUSH: No, I want to ask some of these Republican media types who are trying to take Newt out today, I want to ask them, "Do you really think we'd be better off with Obama?"

CALLER: I keep seeing online where people are actually saying, conservatives are saying that they would rather have Obama than vote for Newt. And the point that they're missing is --

RUSH: Wait a minute. Where are you seeing that?

CALLER: It's all over the Internet. It's all over. You look at forums; you look at chat boards; you look at Twitter, a lot of people are saying they'd rather have Obama over Newt and that would be a ridiculous position for anyone to take.

RUSH: You believe this? Do you think that there's a majority of conservatives who actually think that they'd rather have Obama than Newt?

CALLER: They're saying it, and when you question them, they say it's based on principle and, you know, they don't like Newt Gingrich, and they say, "If my candidate doesn't get elected I'll either write him in or I just won't vote," and the point that they're missing is that who would they rather have making Supreme Court appointments, Obama or Newt Gingrich? I mean that's the issue we need to be looking at now because you're going to get at least two, maybe three vacancies in the next presidential term on the Supreme Court, and Obama's already put two radicals in there. Do you want two or three more and have a majority of radicals on the Supreme Court?

RUSH: Sam, let me tell you something. I've been behind the Golden EIB Microphone here for 23 years. Every election -- I've studied it -- every election there is a small group of people who say, "You know what, Rush? We just need Obama to win and let the people of this country see how bad it could get and we'll wipe out socialism forever." I heard it in 1992. I heard it in 1998. "Let Dukakis win, Rush, let him win. The American people, they'll find out how bad socialism is and we'll never lose another election." I heard it in '92 with Clinton. And we're hearing it again now, apparently. It's not widespread, and I'll tell you who it is. God bless them. It is new arrivals to the political scene. You have to understand, folks, there are people getting interested in politics for the first time in their lives every day. There is a learning curve.

There are certain predictable things that people learn, believe, say as they immerse themselves in this, and this is one of these standard operating theories that's been around longer than I've been around. "Let's just have these liberals win and have the American people see how stupid they are and how bad it can get, and then we'll never lose another election." And when you're reading these tweets and the My Buttses and My Spaces and faces, wherever you're going out there, Facebook, people would rather have Obama than Newt, and they say that they are conservatives saying this. Remember, anybody can go on a website or write a tweet, put on their Facebook page, anybody can say that they are anything and there's no way you can prove otherwise. It's just like anybody can call this program. "You know, Rush, I've been a conservative all my life. I listened to you since 1988, and I agree with 99% everything you say, but you have no idea what you're talking about when it come to Ron Paul," for example.

Anybody can call here and claim to be anything. The left is in trouble all over the world. The left cannot win an election being honest about who they are. Obama cannot use as a campaign slogan "four more years." Obama cannot campaign on one aspect of his record. Obama cannot say "reelect me because you're gonna get more of this," because if he did, he would lose in a practically obliterating landslide. The left can never win an election being honest about who they are and what they plan to do. It is also part and parcel of every election that a bunch of conservatives are going to believe that there is no way we can ever win, that the left and the media are ten times as smart as our elected officials are, and they're gonna be outsmarted every minute of every day that we are destined to lose, we have no prayer, we have no hope, and everybody loves being apocalyptic and negative. It comes naturally to everybody to be that way.

What you have to learn to do is to read this stuff and not assign to it mass belief or mass thought. I know it's hard, I know it's very difficult, because no matter where you look in the grand scheme is there anybody on our side other than talk radio and sometimes Fox. Everybody loves movies, but you go to a movie and you're gonna be made fun of for what you believe. The odds are you like television, you're gonna turn on the television show, you're gonna be made fun of for what you believe. For crying out loud, even if you're a Christian, you can't watch a football game anymore without hearing what a phony baloney, plastic banana loser Tim Tebow is.

Getting up every day as a conservative is to get up and be ridiculed, laughed at, made fun of and made to think that you're the biggest fringe minority kook ever to live. When it's just the opposite. But common sense has got to rear its head here at some point. There hasn't been a vote cast. The guy in the White House has destroyed the economy. He's destroyed the value of homes. He's destroyed jobs. He's destroyed everything. And somehow this guy's an automatic reelect? In whose book? Certainly not mine.


RUSH: You know what Snerdley just said to me during the break? He had this big smile on his face. He said, "How do you do it?"

I said, "What do you mean?"

"How do you do it? It doesn't matter what, when, where, or why, you always end up being the only one with a unique position rooted in common sense. You realize everybody else...?" and he's talking about in the Big Media. "Everybody else once again all think the same thing, they're all saying the same thing. It doesn't matter what network you go to, it doesn't want matter what newspaper you go to, they're all saying the same thing. 'Only Romney can win. The regime wants to run against Romney, and only Romney can win,'" and Snerdley is marveling 'cause he thinks that I'm staking out a unique position by virtue of strategy, that this is part of my allure and appeal -- and I assured him, no.

"I'm not calculating anything here. Common sense is not a calculation." I said, "Snerdley, you're asking the wrong guy is why I'm the only one who thinks what I think. You better go ask everybody else who thinks the same thing why they all agree with each other."

He's almost acting like I lucked into this being the only place you can tune to for a counterpoint, or a countervailing view, and it's not my doing. (interruption) I know. (interruption) I understand. For 23 years I, El Rushbo, stand out by being "the only." It's not me. It's all the others. It's like I've always said: If you miss CBS, watch ABC. If you miss ABC, watch NBC. If you miss that, watch be CNN. If you miss that watch MSNBC. If you miss all of that read the New York Times. If you miss that read the Washington Post. If you miss that, find the Associated Press. If you miss that, go get USA Today. If you miss that, read the LA Times. If miss that, go read the San Francisco Chronicle. If you miss that, pick up any other newspaper. But if you miss this, there's nowhere else to go to get it. If you miss this, you have missed it -- and I would love to tell you that it's the result of brilliant strategical thinking and positioning, but it isn't, because common sense and using intelligence guided by experience is not a calculation.


Okay. You know, ladies and gentlemen, I, as you well know, find it difficult -- uncomfortable -- to discuss myself. Even though it's very difficult to do, I try never to make this program about me. But Snerdley will not stop talking about me today. I just took a stroll -- I seldom do this, but I took a stroll -- to the room on the other side of the glass. Where Snerdley and Brian and Dawn are and he kept going on and on and on about, "There you've done it again. You're the only guy. You're the only guy holding the positions that you hold, the only guy that does it." And he said to me, "You know, these guys," and he mentioned a particular network. "These guys at that network, they're making the wrong calculation. I don't think they quite understand. Their audience hates the things that they're doing, saying, people are talking about."

I said, "You don't understand. The difference is that wherever you go in news media, by default, you're going to find members of the establishment," and I use this example as a way of describing for him how I -- and again it makes me very uncomfortable talking about me here but I am forced to do this. How I differ in this regard. Remember, the absolute vitriol for Christine O'Donnell and Sharron Angle. I don't care what network you tune to, folks, I do not care, it didn't matter. When you found a, quote, unquote, "news-based program" on any of those networks, what you heard was, "Rank amateur! No chanced at winning! Stupid! Who are these people? Who nominated them? Who voted for them? They're not professional politicians. They can't win." You heard all that.

Snerdley said, "Yeah, but don't they understand that they're ticking off their audience?

I said, "Yes, they understand it."

Part and parcel, folks, of being an elite is thinking everybody else is dumber than you are! Part and parcel of being an elite or an elite wannabe is thinking everybody's stupid compared to you. Now, if I were like the elites -- and I had two calls today from people told me I don't know what I'm talking about. What did I do? I took the calls, I discussed things with them, I listened to what they had to say, and then I replied -- both to them and then after they had both hung up, after their calls were completed. Were I like the people in the establishment, I would have told those people how stupid they are, how little time I have for them, that my time is better spent. "I don't have the time to talk to absolute inexperienced, uneducated boobs like you people are! Don't waste my time," and I'd have thrown my implant off and I'd-a walked outta here."

This, of course, is not who I am. To me, the audience is everything. But there's something that comes first, even before the audience, and that is honesty. Like Snerdley honestly, I cannot exaggerate this, is marveling. Again now, this is in a inside radio or a business sense. He's marveling again how, with all the people there are in the media (laughing) and with all the things going on in the media, he's marveling how everybody else is saying the same stuff except me. He's marveling at it, and he thinks it's the result of calculation. Let me tell you what it is. It really is not complicated. I am simply a conservative. I am so grounded in conservativism, I'm so grounded in common sense, it's not possible for me to waver from it. I don't doubt myself! I don't doubt what I believe.

My core is not negotiable.

It's not up for grabs.

I think it's true most people in the public light -- in media, in politics, show biz -- do calculate. They try to position themselves where they think nobody else will be, but it is the result of a calculation -- and then they use the media to promote themselves and make themselves and so forth and so on. I think there are a lot of people in conservative media who have tried to carve a different niche for themselves, or niche for themselves because they think a conservative media leader is locked up -- which, ahem, it is. So they want to come up, they tried to find a different place. I don't do this. I don't do show prep every day and calculate, "Okay, how should I deal this so that I'm gonna be the only guy thinking what I think or saying what I say?"

That's not even enter my thought process. I'm not trying to be loved, either -- and I'm not trying to make anybody think I'm the smartest guy around. I'm just honest. I'm just staying true to my core beliefs. Think of me as a solid, mature oak tree that stands even after all of these hurricanes have come and gone. A lot of other people are wishy-washy little sprigs, get blown about with the public winds. But I just have a loyalty and a devotion to my core belief. There's nothing I do that's a calculation. I don't have a PR firm. I don't do anything to get noticed, nothing artificial. Yet Snerdley sits and he marvels: "Do you realize how many people are doing that, and it's not working?" And that's precisely why.



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