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Flashback: Clinton, Bernie Schwartz, Loral Space and the ChiComs


RUSH: Buster in La Habra, California. I'm glad that you waited. You're up first. Take us out.

CALLER: Hey, Merry Christmas, Rush.

RUSH: Thank you, sir.

CALLER: I just wanted to talk about the Democrat Party and President Obama giving away secrets to the ChiComs. Looks like it's happening all over again. Bill Clinton did it, now Obama's doing it. I just want to know what you think about it.

RUSH: You're talking about the drone that went down in Iran?

CALLER: Yes, I am.

RUSH: Well, the Pentagon has confirmed it was ours -- or is. It is ours. Now, what Buster here is talking about is shortly after -- I forget, but it must have been the second term of Bill Clinton -- the ChiComs could not keep a satellite in orbit. They could not inject a missile into suborbital paths that delivered them to the target. So at the time the State Department had purview over American companies that were experts in this field. They transferred the supervision of these companies from State to Commerce, which was run by Ron Brown. We're talking about Loral Space and Bernie Schwartz and Bernie Schwartz was a big Clinton donor. So the ChiComs launched a missile, and it just came straight down. It went up for a while and then came straight down.

They asked for help, and we allowed -- Clinton allowed, Ron Brown allowed -- Loral Space and Bernie Schwartz to go over there to inspect the disaster and tell the ChiComs what they were doing wrong, essentially teach them how to fire ICBMs, how it put satellites in orbit using American technology. Bernie Schwartz was allowed to do this at Loral Space! That's what old Buster here is referring to. So now the ChiComs have one of our drones via the Iranians, and Buster thinks that it's more chicanery involved. I realize many of you are new to the program and you're hearing this story about Clinton for the first time and you're hearing this story about Loral Space and you're saying, "That can't be!

"See, this is what the media says about Limbaugh! Limbaugh so lies; Limbaugh so makes it up. Go look it up, folks. Google it. Google Loral Space, Google Bernie Schwartz, Google Loral and the ChiComs (or the Chinese). Hell, it might even show up if you Google ChiComs. I don't know. There's no question that this happened. An American aerospace firm taught the ChiComs how to send a missile into orbit and keep it there and hit a target, back in the nineties -- and, of course, Bernie Schwartz got paid a lot. This was not an act of gratuity or just being nice. There was big bucks in it for Bernie Schwartz, and it couldn'ta happened unless and until Clinton shifted the oversight of this kind of activity out of the State Department and over to Ron Brown at Commerce, where of course it was quickly rubber-stamped.


RUSH: By the way, Bill Clinton personally signed the waivers that allowed Loral Space to transfer the orbiting technology to the ChiComs, and in January 20o2 -- this was in 1996 what this happened. "In January 2002 Loral reached a settlement with the US government in a case relating to their involvement in a review of a Chinese rocket launch failure in 1996. They agreed to pay a civil fine of $14 million and then went bankrupt and filed for Chapter 11 the next year," but the ChiComs got the technology from us, Clinton got the campaign donation, and Loral went bankrupt.



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