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Pearls of Wisdom

"There is no holiday season in politics, folks. Nobody's taking any time off. It is cutthroat; it's bloody and it's only gonna get worse."

"You ever notice Tim Russert is the only news figure that the media can cite as being somewhat objective? Whenever the news media wants to tell us about somebody in their ranks that calls 'em down the middle, it's always Tim Russert."

"Notice Obama is threatening to veto a bill that would both lower taxes and create jobs. Aren't those two of the things that he claims to want, that he claims to be focused like a laser on?"

"There aren't any millionaire job creators. Small business owners create jobs; they're non-millionaires. They don't pay taxes, and they don't create jobs. It's a red herring. They're like unicorns, there aren't any job creators out there."

"The conservatism of the Republican field is not scaring away Democrat crossovers and independents. It's not, and yet the entire Republican establishment thinking is based on this false notion that conservatism scares independents and forces 'em to run back to the Marxists and socialists."

"People vote their hearts. They don't vote what I tell 'em to vote."

"If you combine, just in the polling data, if you combine Bachmann and Santorum, you still don't get to where Newt is right now."

"I've always loved sharing what I love. I love sharing my passions."

"How do you separate Obama from his policies? How do you do that? You can't. Obama is his policies."

"Chelsea Clinton is dutifully learning the inner workings of television in order to learn how to manipulate it later. That's all this is. Nobody starts at the top like this unless they're the daughter of an ex-president who can call in some chits. Nobody starts at the top like this."

"Conservative primary voters want a conservative -- it's really not complicated -- and the Republican establishment doesn't. It's not complicated. They don't like conservatives, they are scared to death of conservatives on a host of levels."

"I don't know about you, folks, but I am into the spirit of the Christmas season. I drive around listening to Mannheim Steamroller. My memory supplies the melody. I enjoy it."

"Brian and Dawn don't know what a chit is? You never heard of calling in a chit? You gotta be kidding me. Two members of my staff were lost when I said Bill Clinton called in a couple chits. What did you think I said, something other than chit?"

"Conservatism being debated is Americanism being debated. Conservatism being debated is the Constitution being debated."
As far as the Democrats are concerned, Occupy Wall Street, the whole Obama campaign is to run against the 1%, epitomized by Romney."

"The Republican establishment is made up of inside-the-Beltway conservative (so-called) media people, elected Republicans, campaign consultants, strategists. If you get 'em in a quiet corner of a room and you assure them that what they say won't go any further, they'll tell you they don't think Obama can lose. They'll tell you that they don't think we can beat Obama."

"If you combine, just in the polling data, if you combine Bachmann and Santorum, you still don't get to where Newt is right now."

"The National Transportation Safety Board has recommended a ban on all cell phone use in the car by the driver. Not Congress, not lawmakers, but a bureaucracy."


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