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NTSB Calls for Ban on Cell Phones While Driving

RUSH: The National Transportation Safety Board has recommended a ban on all cell phone use in the car by the driver.  Not Congress, not lawmakers, but a bureaucracy. "National Transportation Safety Board Recommends Ban on Driver Cell Phone Use."  There's an easy way around this.  You can text all day long while driving.  But you gotta have an iPhone to be able to do it.

"States should ban all driver use of cell phones and other portable electronic devices, except in emergencies," according to the National Transportation Safety Board.  "The recommendation, unanimously agreed to by the five-member board, applies to both hands-free and hand-held phones and significantly exceeds any existing state laws restricting texting and cellphone use behind the wheel.  The board made the recommendation in connection with a deadly highway pileup in Missouri last year. The board said the initial collision in the accident near Gray Summit, Mo., was caused by the inattention of a 19 year-old-pickup driver who sent or received 11 texts in the 11 minutes immediately before the crash.

"The pickup, traveling at 55 mph, collided into the back of a tractor truck that had slowed for highway construction. The pickup was rear-ended by a school bus that overrode the smaller vehicle." You know, why not suggest heavier cars?  Well, you can't ban 19-year-olds from driving because the driving age is 16.  Can't do that.  You know, there's an easy solution to this.  (interruption) Am I serious?  Yeah.  (interruption) Well, no, it doesn't.  Heavier cars save people.  No, that's not the solution.  I mean I wouldn't oppose that, heavier cars.  Of course, it's not where we're headed here, but, you know, I never did text while driving.  Just didn't do it.  It's too distracting, there's just no way.  But I do now 'cause I can dictate it.  You don't have to type a character, can dictate and be done with it.  All you gotta do is hit the send button.  And you don't even have to do that if you don't want to.  You can do it all with voice with the new iPhone.  This is not a commercial.  Sounds like one, but it's not.  But there are real-world solutions to this, technological advancement solutions to this that are out there.  Plus as a technobuff I'm dazzled by it.

Trump Won't Moderate Debate

RUSH: Trump's not gonna moderate the debate.  I got that impression when he didn't want to talk about it Saturday when we were in the process of winning the member-member tournament at his club. He didn't want to talk about it. He didn't ask me what I thought. So he's not gonna moderate the GOP debate 'cause only Santorum and Gingrich said that they were going to show up. 

Top 10% Pay Most of NYC Taxes

RUSH: Okay, New York City.  The top 1% of New York City earners paid 43% of New York City's income tax in 2009.  That's the latest year for which there is data.  To make the 1% cutoff in New York City, you needed an adjusted gross income of $493,000 a year.  So if you had AGI of 493 or higher you're in the top 1%.  In addition, the top 10% in New York City, and you're in the top 10% if you earn $105,000 or more.  The top 10% paid 71% of all income taxes in New York City.  One-third of the city's filers, 1.18 million people, paid no income tax at all in New York.  And these people have to be lectured by Obama and the Wall Street crowd, the Occupy Wall Street stooges, about paying their fair share. 

The New York Post: "They’ve been demonized and denounced for not doing their fair share. But a new analysis released yesterday shows that the top 1 percent of New York City’s moneymakers paid 43.2 percent of the city’s income tax." And again, top 1%, you're in there at $493,000 a year.  Top 10% paid 71%. 


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