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Pearls of Wisdom

 "When you get right down to it, nobody really cares what men look like. George Soros has a wife, girlfriends."

"When you get people who are entrepreneurial or creative, ambitious, and turn 'em loose, that's how you revive a stagnant and moribund American economy. Our Two if By Tea contest proved that."

"Families are kind of like our form of government: Neither is perfect, but they are the best proven method."

"The Democrat led government is taking over. The Democrat led government is becoming the family. Three meals at school all year, breakfast, lunch, and dinner? So when summertime comes, 'Well, where they gonna eat?' You gotta keep the schools open to feed them, creating more dependency on government. Fifty years of socialism, feminazi-ism, the American family's breaking up."

"So the Republican leadership in the House of Representatives believes compromise. That's right, folks, compromise! That's what you want, the American people want compromise: You want our guys to work with the Democrats. At least there is a positive note here, and that is that Boehner and Cantor and these guys said it's time for the Democrats to compromise. Normally it works the other way."

"Everybody has what they have based on going into incalculable debt to have it, be it states or individuals. Nothing's real."

"A lot of people don't want to face just how bad things are. But most people can't escape it."

"The new flavors are delicious. You're gonna think that you were eating fresh baked blueberry muffins or that you're taking a stroll through a peach orchard."

"The way you connect with the audience on radio is much different than television 'cause there aren't any pictures, so you have to paint pictures. Radio is theater of the mind in any number of ways."

"In most cases, in the age of television, the better looking candidate always wins. Regardless what they say."

"The way people listen to radio is much different than the way they watch television. With television, you can sit there and basically use half of your sensor perception."

"The fastest way to lose the Republican base is to insult them, to take 'em for granted, or to make it sound as though you really aren't one of them."

"I know who the liberals are; I know how they want to control things, take the risk out of everything this life in life and under the premise that nobody will ever die."

"If you got a talented broadcaster, highly trained broadcast specialist who understands radio, then you can create a connection that's unbreakable, magnetic, because the listener has to devote 100% of the hearing perception in order to get it."

"The left, these pantywaists who want to take the risk out of everything in life are gonna focus on football at some point and they're gonna try to get it banned."

"Who on talk radio is zany? Who's he talking about? Who's 'zany' on talk radio? Clowns are zany."

"I guarantee you there are a lot of people who hope somebody like Rick Perry comes back alive or hope that something happens in the Hawkeye Cauci that would launch Santorum or Bachmann."

"This is nowhere near over. I know the polls make it look like it's a two man race, but it isn't yet. We have not had a single vote cast."

"Merry Christmas and all that. And you know this is one time a year where it's okay to indulge in tasty treats. It's okay to grab a fist full of party mix. It's okay to have eggnog. It's okay to do all of this. That's the spirit of Christmas."


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