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The Two If By Tea YouTube Commercial Contest First Place Winners!


RUSH: Do you remember, ladies and gentlemen, the caller from the other day that said she understood the point of why we're doing Two If By Tea? She was a great, great caller. She called to thank me (and us) for doing the contest that asked people to produce their own 30-second TV commercial for Two If By Tea, and there were some requirements -- not many, but there were some -- they had to accede to; and we held out the possibility that if we ever do have a TV advertising campaign (why would we when we have me as spokesman, but if we ever do) we might use one of these spots, and so we were flooded with entries.

We posted some of the entries (not the winners at first, we posted some of the entries) at RushLimbaugh.com and our Facebook page -- and this woman called last week and really nailed it. She was completely right. She said that there is unbelievable talent in this country, that there is unbelievable talent and ability and ambition; that Americans are creative, determined, clever, witty, if given the chance. A small representation of this show is showcased in these 30-second YouTube commercial submissions that we got from Americans nationwide, and this woman called to say, "Look at what these people produced! You didn't have any regulations on them, no restrictions.

"Just a couple of rules, and they were allowed to use all their freedom, all their ingenuity, all their creativity in producing these videos," and she was calling to thank us for doing this and demonstrating what the potential of this country still is. When you get people who are entrepreneurial or creative, ambitious, and turn 'em loose, that's how you revive a stagnant and moribund American economy. So these submissions flowed in here and after countless hours of watching the videos we've selected the first place winners -- and I say "winners" plural because we had such a hard time picking one that we chose two first place winners.

Both of these winners are gonna receive a flat screen 55-inch Sony LED TV and eight cases of Two If By Tea. The commercials are now posted at RushLimbaugh.com on our Facebook page so you can now go there and see the two winners. I can't remember the name of the woman who called, having a mental block, but, boy, she was just right on the money. She got it. She understood exactly why we're doing this, and finding out what it is to start a small business during the period of time of Obamaville and what happens, what we're up against, the hoops that we have to jump through. But these people that submitted these videos? She was right.

There's all kinds of creativity in this country just waiting to be turned loose.



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