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A First: Somebody Suggests Negative Campaigning Could Hurt a Democrat


RUSH: This next story, I have to admit, this is a twist.  It's a CNN story, and it's about a political science professor at Ohio State who, get this, is worried that Obama is going to run a scorched earth campaign because he thinks that if Obama runs a scorched earth negative campaign he's going to turn off the moderates and the independents.  This is the first time I can remember in my lifetime as a host that any political figure has said the Democrats will lose independents if they go negative.  I have never seen it written anywhere.  I've only seen that written about Republicans.  And they don't even have to go negative.  All the Republicans have to do, as you well know, is just be critical.  All the Republicans have to do is mention his middle name, just bring up Jeremiah Wright, bring up Bill Ayers, you go there, you talk about him being Barack Hussein Obama and you're gonna send those independents and the moderates running right back to the Democrat Party and Obama.

I made a big deal out of this last night on the Greta show. You got Barbara Boxer accusing the Republicans of wanting to kill 8,100 people with the Keystone pipeline legislation. Republicans want 8,100 people to die, and I'm told that that's where the independents are gonna run?  So Andy Heller: "I believed in him 100%. I thought it was going to be a big turnaround from President Bush. But now you have to wonder."  He's 56 years old, a registered Democrat.  I don't think this guy's the professor.  These are just average, ordinary Americans who voted for Obama, didn't like at all what happened, and so they went and talked to a political science professor.  Let's see if I can find this guy.  Maybe his name is on the second page.  Need to know who this guy is.  Yep.  Here we go.  Paul Beck. 

"The tactic has caught the attention of some of the nation's most astute political watchers, including Paul Beck, who studies and teaches political psychology at The Ohio State University. 'He is willing to take it to the Republicans,' Beck says of the president. 'That is the course he is taking, (although) I'm not sure it is the course I would suggest.'  Why? Beck argues that taking a hard line, partisan stance now, could turn off many of the moderate voters the president needs." I've never seen this.  I have never seen a political scientist media person, figure, whatever, worry that the Democrats are gonna lose independents by going negative.  Have you?  I can't recall it, folks, if it's ever happened, I honestly can't.



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