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 "Romney's attacking Newt for being rich and Newt's not that rich, and Newt's attacking Romney for being rich, and Romney is that rich. But it's usually the Democrats that do that kind of stuff."

"The fastest growing segment of an investment structure, business, is compliance software to keep you compliant with government regulations. Stop and think of that."

"When each of these not-Romneys surfaces, they're taken out. The conservative vote is being split in a Republican primary. It's unprecedented, really."

"What is called poor today would have been considered upper-middle class just a generation, two generations ago. The truth is, wealth does trickle down."

"There are no coincidences in politics or in the news -- and there is no news anymore in the news."

"I know so many teachers are activists, maybe more than I'd like to believe. They are legitimate liberal activists, disguised as teachers. But it is why so much insanity exists. It's why there's so little knowledge of the point of and the beauty of free markets."

"One in two Americans are now poor or low income. Now, this is the kind of story that usually comes out when a Republican is in the White House. Seriously. You don't get these kinds of stories when a Democrat's in the White House."

"Whether you want to believe me or not, a sizeable portion of Obama's stimulus was earmarked for states to keep public employees on the job. A sizeable portion of the stimulus was to make sure that teachers and other public sector employees did not lose their jobs. It wasn't out of compassion. It was pure politics."

"The state of public education is pathetic. I don't mean this as an attack on the individuals in it from the standpoint of teachers. I'm just telling you: The whole education system has been corrupted by liberalism. It's not even an education system anymore. It is an indoctrination, a series of indoctrination camps."

"This is the first time I can remember in my lifetime as a host that any political figure has said the Democrats will lose independents if they go negative. I have never seen it written anywhere. I've only seen that written about Republicans."

"One reason that Obama doesn't want companies to be able to contribute to political campaigns is so that they can't fight back."

"More and more people are told they are living in poverty, and furthermore they're told that the rich are the reason; the rich are responsible. That's how Obama is running a scorched earth."

"The Republican establishment likes to deny that they exist. They like to say that there really isn't a Republican establishment."

"The mainstream media is an echo chamber for the permanent political class. Think of the mainstream media as the elves in Santa's Workshop, and Santa's Workshop is the federal government."


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