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Two If By Tea Celebrates New Flavors with the Golden EIB Ticket Sweepstakes


RUSH: Yesterday, folks, we announced the two new flavors, Two If By Tea. In case you didn't hear, the new flavors are blueberry and peach -- diet and regular -- and I am telling you (I don't know how to say this any other way): There is nothing out there that compares. There is nothing. There is no iced tea product out there that compares to Two If By Tea. You drink the blueberry and you are going to think you are eating a blueberry muffin -- or the peach, you're gonna think you're having a piece of peach pie. I cannot emphasize this enough. We are proud as we can be of these things. They're just delicious. Now, if you aren't normally a tea drinker or a fruit tea drinker, you should try these anyway.

You wouldn't believe the number of people who have purchased Two If By Tea and they tell us in the comments section on our website at TwoIfByTea.com, "You know, I never really drank tea before but I decided to try it, and this is really good!" You'll probably discover the same thing. Now, yesterday was the introductory day for the new flavors -- and in honor of the new flavors and the Christmas season, we are running our final big, huge sweepstakes of the year. Never been done before. Here's what it is. Four extremely lucky winners will get two Golden EIB Tickets. The Golden EIB Ticket allows exclusive access to the studio here at the Southern Command in sunny south Florida. You'll be blindfolded. We're gonna put you up in a hotel down here as well, three days and two nights.

We're gonna come get you on a lucky day you get to come watch the show. You'll be sitting three feet behind Snerdley and Dawn and Brian. You'll be able to talk to 'em, watch 'em do what they do. Snerdley will tell you how he screens calls and you'll be surprised how mean he is to people on the phones. You'll see all of this. You'll see how this happens. The moment we pick you up... (interruption) Well, not mean, but you'll gonna think so because Snerdley has to decide in five seconds whether somebody's qualified or not, and when he tells 'em, "Sorry, you don't have what it takes," and moves on. You're gonna think it's a little brusque, but it's what the job requires. It's what the job requires!

You're gonna be able to witness this. You're gonna be able to watch me do the program. Most radio shows are dull to watch. Not this one. You'll see. Now, we're gonna pick you up from the hotel, be eight people -- four winners, two tickets each -- and we're gonna pick you up from the hotel and we're gonna blindfold you. So you don't know where you're going to and can't tell anybody where you've been, we will blindfold you before you leave. You will not know where you've been when you get back to the hotel. It's just a precaution that we take for practically everybody that -- that comes here. As a ticket holder you get to come in here and see everything that happens for the entire program, and this three-day/two-night mini-vacation that goes along with it?

There could not be a better gift than the Golden EIB Ticket for yourself and a loved within. It's a truly one of a kind, priceless, frameable ticket and we've never done this before. Now, if you're not one of the grand prize winners, fear not because, in the spirit of Christmas, we want to help you cross the names off your shopping list. So there's a second prize winner that gets a $1,000 shopping spree in the form of gift cards from popular retailers, and then the third prize winner gets a Sony or Samsung flat-screen LED TV up to 50 inches. So, prizes galore here, folks. We're not through here, though, folks. In the spirit of the season we've cut the prices. We've cut the prices on the tea and on our gift set. The shipping is still free.

So to be automatically entered all you have to do is go to TwoIfByTea.com to purchase tea or one of our Patriotic Gift Sets from now only through 11:59 Pacific time Friday, December 16th. So 11:59 p.m. Pacific tomorrow. Between now and then, just buy some tea or a gift set and you're automatically entered. All the official rules are posted at TwoIfByTea.com -- and remember Two If By Tea remains a proud sponsor of the Marine Corps-Law Enforcement Foundation. Thanks to you, we recently made another large donation to them this month. You can help us spread the word "From Tea to Shining Tea." One time we've had guests in here, members of the audience to watch the program, and that was around the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society radiothon.

Those people had donated $300,000 each, and we threw that in as an incentive. (interruption) I matched it, yes. Of course. I always do. So this is the first time we've done anything like this. Of course, we'll coordinate it at a time where it's toughest for you to make it. Yeah, we'll coordinate it at a time where it's easiest for you to make it. (interruption) The blindfold thing? Well, that was my stipulation. I insisted on that one. I said, "No, Kathryn, we're blindfolding these people." "Really, you...?" "Yes. We're gonna blindfold 'em." From the moment they walk out of the hotel, we're gonna blindfold 'em. Right before they get in the car, everybody's gonna see us blindfold 'em -- and it's just a minor, minor little rule. It won't matter. It'll add to the intrigue, in fact. So, again, you're automatically entered to win any of these prizes by simply buying a case of tea or our gift set by 11:59 p.m. Pacific Friday.


RUSH:  By the way, I meant to show you something. This is the new blueberry bottle. It's just beautiful, the label. You have to forgive me here, folks, but it's the best.  We're proud of it. The blueberry tea is great. This is the peach.  And I forgot to give the phone number.  There's a phone number. If you don't want to go to TwoIfByTea.com to order you can call and also be automatically entered by 11:59 Pacific tomorrow.  The number is 866-662-1776.  Don't forget, the prices have been cut on all this in the spirit of the Christmas season. It's the natural generosity that we feature here at the EIB Network.


RUSH: Some e-mails are asking if a promo code is necessary for the latest Two If By Tea sweepstakes. No. No promo code. You don't have to remember a promo code. It's real simple. You go there and you buy at reduced prices with no promo code necessary. TwoIfByTea.com.



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