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Pearls of Wisdom

 "There's nobody who is informed properly on capitalism in America who would vote for Obama unless they personally benefit from it and don't care what happens to the country in the process."

"Never count on the Republican Party to actually think about the consequences before something happens. They just react after it happens. They're constantly defending things. They are never moving things forward. Constantly playing defense."

"We conservatives believe that no two people or things are equal; it's not possible. We're all unique. We cannot all be made the same, despite the best intentions."

"There is no conservative movement in Washington. I hate to break it to you."

"You know, Calvin Coolidge, an ex-president, said something that's pretty intriguing to me. Four-fifths of all of our troubles would disappear if we would just sit down and keep still. Just shut up, don't do anything, just let things work out, and four-fifths of them will. But Jeb Bush is right. Presidents, governors, 'Do something! Do something, and do something now!' It's a mistake."

"I was tuned out all weekend. I really wasn't paying attention. It was Kathryn's birthday over the weekend, those are also multiple day events and I didn't pay any attention to this over the weekend. Folks, even I need time out from this stuff. Even I do."

"The Republican primary voter does not want a moderate. They don't want somebody they perceive as being a moderate."

"I know what you people want. I'm fully aware you want a candidate who sounds like what you hear on this show."

"The media and the Democrats did such a profound job of ginning up hatred, disrespect, animosity, whatever you want to call it for the Bushes that it would be suicide for Jeb Bush to run now."

"The Republican Party does not want a conservative nominee. They're not comfortable with conservatives."

"Conservatism is timeless. You don't ever move on from conservatism. Conservatism is never in your rearview mirror. Conservatism is never passe."

"You're never gonna be able to go back at any point in the past and find a quote from me that indicates I have renounced conservatism or that I think it's passe, harmful, or that I think it's going to stand us in ill stead. Quite the opposite."

"The whole notion that the government, a central planner, can go out and dictate who gets hired for his own benefit, not theirs -- understand, this is not to benefit the military. This is to make Obama sound like he cares."

"Snerdley's doing a wonderful life trip on me here, what the country would be like if I weren't on the radio, but I am on the radio and there's no Clarence up there that needs to save me from that thought."

"Isn't it due to ignorant and uninformed voters that we got Obama? Aren't the Democrats trying to dumb down everybody in our schools? For what purpose? Brainwashing them. No question in my mind. There's no other reason or way to explain what they've done to our education system."

"The uninformed voter is the Democrat target audience. The uninformed voter, the stupid, ignorant voter is the victim in American society. That's who the Democrats go after."


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