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Pearls of Wisdom

 "Despite three years of Obama leading the charge, leading attacks against big business, big government is still seen as the problem by the vast majority of people."

"As we all know, most citadels of higher learning are the incubators of Marxism, liberalism, socialism, that's where the indoctrination takes place. That's where Obama's educated elites are. That's the group of people Obama goes after in his reelection campaign.

"If anybody with a capital R beside their name were proposing a one-month cut, if he were a president, in the payroll tax, my God, there would be an endless parade of seasoned citizens in Washington with pitchforks."

"This is so damn topsy-turvy, the news media and the rest of the Democrats have managed to convince the American people that cutting Social Security funding by hundreds of billions of dollars is a good thing."

"Eighty-seven percent of the students are finding lunch on the black market. There is a Mafia, there is an organized crime of alternate food at lunch. Back alley lunches. Look what the kids are learning at the Los Angeles Unified School District."

"If it's over for anybody right now it's over for Obama, and the efforts that the media is going to be making from now to November is evidence that if the election were today, it's over."

"What do the Democrats have to do? They've got a monumental charge here. They have to defend a large majority of the Senate seats that are up, plus Obama, they have to defend Obama. And what have they done? They have no budget. They have not done one thing towards deficit reduction. Despite what they say they have not done one thing toward job creation."

"Obama's not defending 'em. Obama is running against the middle class. That's the whole point of my first hour, working white class voters, Obama doesn't care. Obama can't win with 'em, his own people are saying so."

"There isn't any more news in the news. It's all an agenda, and it's all oriented towards an outcome that the people in the media -- i.e., the Democrat Party."

"Can you imagine, we have a president of the United States who cannot okay a pipeline project to give us more oil and more jobs because it'll hurt his reelection. That's all you need to know."

"Can you name one important positive thing Romney accomplished as governor of Massachusetts? Can anyone?"

"Nobody ever talks about the greed of Big Education, 'cause that's where Obama's buddies are. All these people do is run around and think that Wall Street's their big problem and college presidents earning all that, look at how many students are going to school for what the president makes."

"Romneycare was the model for Obamacare; Romney's own people are saying so."

"Have you noticed anything peculiar about the people in North Korea who have been seen crying over Kim Jong-il's death? They're crying out there, but the people, they all look fat. They all look plump to me. Which is odd 'cause we've been told that most of the people in North Korea are on the verge of starvation. So there must be some income disparity in North Korea after all. The mourners must be North Korea's fat cats, the 1%-ers. They eat enough to even have tears."

"The media gets away with nothing on this program."


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