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Pearls of Wisdom

"By golly, by gosh, I am gonna get some lighthearted stuff in this show if it's the last thing I do.  I'm not gonna let what's going on in Washington totally drag us down for the whole three hours today."

"People love learning things.  I know I still do.  It's very hard for me to learn things now, I know a lot."

"Most people like learning.  Most people want to be taught."

"Why are we always on the defensive? Nobody ever won anything defending it."

"When I look at Obama, I don't see black. I see a socialist. I see a Marxist. I see a guy who's got this country in his crosshairs."

"We can't call Obama a socialist.  That's racist and we don't want to be called racists.  Well, then, we may as well just give up."

"Anybody wonder why negative ads are run?  Because they work.  Sadly, that bothers you.  I'm sorry to tell you, but they work."

"These inside the Beltway types, their daily worldview is different because it's divorced from the reality of life outside the Beltway."

original"We're talking about whether to extend a payroll cut one year or two months.  Nobody believes that two months makes sense in any substantive way.  Meanwhile, while all of this is going on, the pipeline issue is huge!  How about a standalone pipeline bill, Republicans?"

"All of a sudden Social Security at this point in time is not the third rail of American politics.  You put a Republican in the White House, you let a Republican talk about cutting the funding of Social Security by the amount Obama's talking about, and you watch utter hell unleashed by the Democrat Party."

"Did you know there are stores that you can take your dog into and let them pick out the toys? Kathryn told me she takes Abbey and Wellesley there.  I said, 'Really, you take the dogs in the store?'  She said, 'Oh, yeah.'  Well, what a hoot that is."

"Imagine what it would be like if I were no longer on the radio. Picture the mourning in North Korea and multiply that times 20."

"Obama stopped to get a pizza, which is what Obama always does when the wife is away. He always goes out and eats real food when the cat's away."

"Speaking of optics, Obama has just been photographed shopping at Best Buy.  Took time out from the two-month payroll tax cut debate to go to Best Buy, shopping in northern Virginia."

"Folks, it is no coincidence, the Heritage Foundation offices in Washington are open today while the Democrats have shut down the House and Senate.  We would expect nothing less than that from Heritage.  In many ways they are our voice there in Washington."

"I've been where you are. I've been on hold as a caller. I know it's nerve-wracking. You're sitting out there on hold and a lot of time goes by and all of a sudden this booming voice says, 'Virginia in Plantation, Florida --'"

"I've always said that this program promotes productivity."

"People tend to remember public figures by virtue of the last prominent thing that they did."

"I know that if Rick Santorum were elected president, I wouldn't have one doubt any day what he would be fighting for, not one.  And it would be great if he could get there."

"Do you ever hear the Democrats pulling back from their attacks on us?  You ever wonder why the independents never get mad at Democrats for saying personal, untrue things about us?"

"Do we ever see the media hold back in their attacks on us?  I'm telling you, it is a prison that they have put us in and we have willingly locked the cell."

"A little New Year's resolution:  We'll stick it to the stick-to-the-issues crowd even more in 2011."

"It's a 20-plus year tradition on this program to wrap up our final program before Christmas with Mannheim Steamroller and Silent Night.  I love the song, and if you've not heard it -- you probably have by now -- if you've not heard it off a CD, turned up loud as you can make it on a very good stereo system, you should.  It is a beautiful, beautiful rendition of a great song."

"We sometimes say that great radio makes for great listeners, but that also goes vice-versa.  Having such a great audience makes for great radio and a great host.  You are an indescribable, can't-do-without-it link to everything that's here."

"Try to put this fight over the payroll tax cut out of your mind and have a great Christmas holiday and a great New Year's. And remember, don't forget to tell everybody in your family, according to the BBC, that they are fat.  You're doing it for their own good."


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