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BBC: Tell Your Loved Ones They're Fat This Christmas

RUSH: By golly, by gosh, I am gonna get some lighthearted stuff in this show if it's the last thing I do.  I'm not gonna let what's going on in Washington totally drag us down for the whole three hours today. 

For example, we have a story from the BBC today.  I love this headline:  "Tell Loved Ones They are Overweight this Christmas." That's the best gift that you could give your loved ones is to tell 'em they're fat, be honest with 'em, save their lives.  Then they draw a distinction.  Now, wait a minute, you guys cannot do that with your wives.  Wives, you can do that to your husband, but husbands you can't say to your wife she's fat.  You have to have somebody else do it. You can't do it yourself but somebody needs to do it so that everybody will not die.  And this is the perfect gift, the perfect time of year.  (interruption) That's right, your mistress, you pull everybody under the mistletoe and tell 'em, "By the way, you're fat, and I'm just saying this to try to help you out. I'm just trying to be kind."

An AP Random Act of Journalism: Payroll Tax Cut Will Boost Mortgage Costs

RUSH: "Who is paying for the two-month extension of the payroll tax cut working its way through Congress?" This is a random act of journalism here from the AP.  "The cost is being dropped in the laps of most people who buy homes or refinance beginning next year."  What an amazing admission from the AP.  Now, this is from last Saturday, December 17th, that's how old this story is.  And I'm sure they thought they could get away with publishing it last Saturday when everybody else is out Christmas shopping  and not noticing big news on Saturday.  But the AP actually admits that Obama's wonderful 2% payroll tax cut will not be free.  Only rich people who can afford to buy a house or refinance their mortgage will have to pay for it. 

"The typical person who buys a $200,000 home or refinances that amount starting on Jan. 1 would have to pay roughly $17 more a month for their mortgage, thanks to a fee increase included in the payroll tax cut bill that the Senate passed Saturday."  So your mortgage would be up by 17 bucks. You buy a house, you're trying to help the economy rebound, you are the one paying for this tax cut.  Now, this so-called tax cut, which it's not, it's a defunding of the Social Security insurance program.  While this is temporary, I guarantee you this is temporary, it's an election year razzmatazz thing, I guarantee you, whether it's two months or whether it ends up being one year, this is a temporary payroll tax cut cut.  But I am here to tell you that this new fee on your mortgage is no doubt going to be permanent.  If you buy a house or refinance you're gonna be doing more than paying for this so-called middle-class tax cut.

Obama Shops with Dog, Then Goes for Pizza

RUSH: Obama has just been photographed shopping at Best Buy. Took time out from the two-month payroll tax cut debate to go to Best Buy, shopping in northern Virginia.  Actually before he got to Best Buy he stopped at a PetSmart in northern Virginia with his dog Bo, bought some stuff and then moved on to Best Buy.  You know, there are stores that you can take your dog into and let them pick out the toys? Kathryn told me she takes Abbey in there, and Wellesley.  I said, "Really, you take the dogs in the store?"  She said, "Yeah, oh, yeah."  Well, what a hoot that is.  And then Obama did that, he took Bo to the store today. Talk about optics

Obama took the dog shopping. Then Obama stopped to get a pizza, which is what Obama always does when the wife is away.  He always goes out and eats real food when the cat's away. 


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