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Mark Davis Guest Hosts

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From WBAP News/Talk 820AM & 96.7FM in Dallas-Fort Worth...
Merry Christmas!

"The way we win in 2012 is making less government, stopping wasteful Washington spending, and being serious about national security -- making the things we conservatives want to do seem like common sense to Independent voters." - Davis

After years as a columnist for the Fort Worth Star-Telegram, Mark joined the op-ed page of the Dallas Morning News in 2004. He is a featured commentator on KDFW Fox 4 & WFAA Channel 8.

LISTEN: Holder's Race Card

Conn. GOP Senate candidates denounce Holder’s race card, call for resignation
Justice Department Tucks Eric Holder’s Race Card Back Up Its Sleeve
Holder Cites Race in Explaining Scrutiny of Justice Department Actions

"Mr. Holder, we don't care what color you are. We care about your brain, your policies and your heart. That's our problem with your boss. Not his pigment." - Davis

LISTEN: Iowa and NH