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Rush On the Record with Greta Van Susteren: Additional Segments


GRETA: The claws come out. The GOP race gets ugly as political leaders turn on members of their own party. Once again, here's Rush Limbaugh. It seems that a number of Republicans who served with Speaker Gingrich are going after him with greater ferocity -- they are ferociously going after him. Senator Tom Coburn, Governor Sununu. Is that different or what is your explanation for that? 

RUSH: Well, it's interesting to me. It's not just those guys.  I have been chronicling it last week and this. It's the inside-the-beltway Republican media. George Will called him a Marxist. He never called Obama a Marxist. I don't pretend to know what it is from person to person, like Coburn, he won't say, it's something about leadership. That's as far as he went. I don't know what some of Newt's colleagues who is worked with him who don't like him or have problems, I don't know what happened, I wasn't there. I know that Robert Walker, who was there, is trying to counter balance this thing. He was great as Speaker of the House. But I think, Greta, when you strip all of this away, I really think it largely is an attack on Newt because they're afraid he might win and the Republican establishment is wired into Romney.  That's what they had their heart set on.

They had their heart set on Romney winning early, not a drawn-out primary process, not have to spend a lot of money in the primary process, not have to go through destructive, intra-party fights.  Just get Romney nominated, be done with it and move on to the general and start focusing on Obama. I think a lot of ducks were in a row for that to happen, but they are frustrated because we talked earlier, Romney still has 65, 70% of Republicans that say no in a poll. Cain surged and the women surfaced -- where are they now? I still don't know what he did.  There hasn't been one -- unless I missed it -- conclusive bit of evidence that Cain did any of this stuff, but it was such a wave that was forthcoming that he had to get out. It was distracting, family didn't like it. Now it's Newt's turn. Whoever becomes the anti-Romney is going to get this kind of treatment because I think there is just a commitment to Romney in the upper levels of the Republican Party. 

GRETA:  Why is the upper part of the Republican Party interested in Romney?

RUSH: They think Romney is the only guy who can beat Obama. But they really -- Greta, don't doubt me, you get into the bowels of these people, you've had them on your show. I don't want to name names, but the Republican establishment, the hierarchy in the media, they are scared to death of Obama.  They really aren't sure he can be beat. So the calculation is, the best opportunity, the only electable in this field, they think is Romney. Even if he doesn't win, he has enough down ballot pull to maybe take back the Senate, which is I think their real objective. If they were honest that's what they think the most realistic objective is is to capture the Senate and get their chairmanships back. If you remember in the 2010 mid-term, the establishment just came unglued at Christine O'Donnell and Sharron Angle because they were convinced -- and both of those candidates were very conservative, their opponents weren't, they were straight down-the-middle, moderate, rhino-Republicans. But they thought those people had a better chance of winning. It was all about getting committee chairmanships. The Republican Party's not about conservatism and ideology. That was a big wake-up call for me to realize. There is no conservative movement inside the beltway. It's all outside Washington and a lot of conservative voters just started to realize that in the last few short years.

GRETA: Are conservative voters the same thing as the Tea Party? The same people?

RUSH: Yeah, largely, but there are a lot of conservatives that didn't join the Tea Party. The Tea Party is not the whole universe. I think that a lot of these precious 20% independents, undecided voters, I think in there are a lot of conservatives who just won't admit it because to do so in the wrong crowd, "Ohhhh! You listen to Limbaugh, you extremist!" They don't want to deal with the criticism, but they're the old Reagan Democrats. I don't think Obama has a lock on them at all. In fact, Greta, gosh, this is so profound. It was three weeks ago now, it was a Monday in the New York Times, a guy named Thomas B. Edsall who used to write for the Washington Post, is now one of the head honchos at the Huffington Post. He wrote a piece, an op-ed piece which admitted they are not interested in white, working-class family votes, they are writing them off. They don't think they can get them. They are not going to pursue white, working class families.

Now, take the race out of this. I don't mean this in a racial sense. They aren't going after working people, other than union working people, they are going after the poor. The Obama campaign is going to try consolidate the poor, the people who are not working or paying taxes. That's why the class warfare and the 99% versus 1% BS, that's why the rich aren't paying their fair share. Taking people who are not working, aren't contributing, aren't doing anything to move the country forward and telling them they are the entitlement, they are the ones screwed. The rich are only rich because they stole it from you. You know, we are going to get it back to you, which they have been telling people for 50 years and the poor are still poor and the minorities are still the minorities. Nothing ever changes. They do not improve people's lives either by group or by individuals. But they talk a good game of compassion, they own that moniker and so people invest in the hope that their lives are going to get better by voting for Democrats.

Speaking for me, I would rather depend on myself than a politician who I don't know who tells me he is looking out for my best interest, but how can he be? That's self-interest, try to be the best you can be. Adam Smith, Wealth of Nations, 1776. I forget the exact phrase, he said, when you to go the butcher, the butcher doesn't give you meat because he's a nice guy and wants to make sure you eat, he's selling you meat so his family eats. You benefit, too. He's a butcher, he's cutting up beef, he's selling it, you buy it, he benefits. What we are facing now is that the people from Occupy Wall Street, "Yeah, but the butcher's making a profit, it's not fair. He's making a profit off people." But if he didn't, there would be no reason to do what he's doing. They think that people ought to work for nothing, people ought to have whatever government gives them and everyone is equal. They think their needs and wants are going to be supplied that way. There won't be anybody who has risk in life and sadness or disappointment.

Obama nurtures that, which is un-American, it's not the way human beings are built. It is not the way this country was built. I am amazed. This country is less than 250 years old, smaller than 300 million people, and there are countries and populations that have been around thousands of years and yet, we are a super power. Our DNA's no different than anybody in Europe or Asia. We are not better people. We are not created specially, differently, more blessed, smarter, whatever. How did this happen? It has to be freedom, our Founding documents. It has to be the notion that this nation's built on self reliance and be the best you can be and you bring everybody in your family and your neighborhood with you. But now that's a crime. Obama said, "This business, taking care of yourself, we can't have that. looking out for yourself, that doesn't work, never has worked."  Well, it has. It has worked better than anything else, including anything he has tried.

GRETA: Up next, more from Rush Limbaugh on the presidential campaign and what does Rush say is really behind the Fast and Furious scandal? Rush will tell you. Plus, is Rush making a career change? You won't believe what he has brewing. You'll hear all about it. That's coming up.


GRETA: Now our candid conversation with Rush Limbaugh continues. Let's take Detroit with an unemployment number in the inner city of upwards of 25%. It is absolutely disgraceful that community is suffering so. What would you do?

RUSH: Get rid of every liberal in government. What's the one constant in Detroit all of these years? It's been run by liberals, liberal ideology, liberal economics, liberal belief system. Detroit, other places, a microcosm of where Europe is and where we are headed, unchecked, unstopped liberalism. For those of you who like the Democrat Party, that's where we are headed. There hasn't been any opposition there, not of any strength or power. Take a look, that's the one thing that is constant. It was the same thing in New Orleans post Katrina. What's the one thing that was constant there? It was all run by liberals, all run by Democrats. You can ask me what is happening to California? All liberal all the time, tax rates out the wazoo, 12% top marginal rate, state on top of federal, taxing the rich even more. People are leaving that state for Idaho, start businesses elsewhere. The problem is liberalism.

Now, I know people watching say, "Now, that's too simplistic."  It's really not. It's right. It's correct. That's the one constant, the belief that government can do better for everybody than individuals can do for themselves, the belief that individuals are inherently corrupt and government is angelic. And so government will take care of the individual by somehow making sure that everybody's equal and has the same. But government doesn't know how to produce anything. Obama runs around and says all of this "it's never worked stuff."  How did you get here, pal? You got here on a 747. You wouldn't know the first thing to do if you had to make one. That suit, where did that come from? Your shoes, the car you drive around in, the White House. I mean, just, this stuff happened by magic, how does this stuff get produced?

This guy is running around ripping this country as having never worked before and he hasn't contributed one thing, and yet somehow he has all the answers on health care, jobs. It's absurd. He hasn't contributed anything to the greatness of this country. He is trying to take credit for the war in Iraq. He spent, along with every other Democrat in the Senate, seven years, five years, undermining it, sabotaging, dumb war, immoral. Harry Reid, "This war is lost." Then they're out there talking about General Betray Us. They did everything they could to sabotage the Iraq war, and now he's talking about this is the greatness of America, a Democrat outpost in the Middle East.  He fought it, he thought it was stupid. He didn't think it was possible. Now he is taking credit for it? If he really is this great unifier, he would have brought George Bush with him to Fort Bragg to the press conference with al-Maliki. If he were really a unifier, but he doesn't want to do that. I think he is happy that we are divided and there is chaos because all that means is another excuse, another reason for a government action of some kind, a government program to fix it.

GRETA: What is the role of government?

RUSH: Government, spelled out, ideally and flawlessly and perfectly in the Constitution. The first ten amendments limit what government can do and FDR and Obama have both said that that's a big obstacle. They call that negative liberties. The Constitution, to them, is negative liberties because it says what government can't do. They want to change it. Fast and Furious, you know what that was about? And e-mails now prove it. Obama doesn't have the votes. The American people like the second amendment. The Democratic Party has lost the argument, intellectually, so let's get guns from Arizona gun shops into the hands of drug cartels and wipe people out and spread the news that the guns came from America, which Obama did. He went to Mexico and had a conservation with Calderone. Those guns came from America, we are supposed to be outraged and sign on to gun control. This was an effort around the second amendment. That's what Fast and Furious is -- or was.

GRETA: Let me add something about that Fast and Furious because I was down there at the time and there is a lot of upset saying that the guns came from America. The ATF told me -- I remember it just because I thought it was odd, that the guns came from China and Belgium through the United States and that's --

RUSH: But they were in the United States at some point and ended up in Mexico.

GRETA: But that has set people on fire, as to the source of the guns.

RUSH: It did what?

GRETA: The whole idea was the NRA, when someone said the guns came from the United States, yes they did, but two other countries were using it as a corridor.

RUSH: Right.

GRETA: That has been a source of great consternation and fighting amongst everyone on the gun issue.

RUSH: Well, the guns may not have been made here, but their ultimate point of sale was here. They ended up here, wherever they came from, I don't care. I don't understand why that's an issue. They were in gun shops in America and end up in a drug cartels.

GRETA: I think it was a failed policy on a law enforcement operation. I didn't see it as an effort to defeat the second amendment, just a terribly stupid idea.

RUSH: They have the emails. CBS news uncovered the emails and amazingly, in a random act of journalism, actually published them.  The emails, they are justice department emails, spell out exactly what I said, that the purpose of this program was to arouse anti-gun sentiment among the American population.

GRETA:  Who do you think the president campaign fears more tactically to run against, Romney or Gingrich?

RUSH: Of those two, probably Gingrich.


RUSH: Because of Romneycare. I think I am a lone wolf on this, by the way. The Republican establishment and the media Republican establishment whom I have referenced frequently on your show here believe that Newt, that Obama, they salivate, "Oh, please give us Newt." See, I never think that the Democrats are trying to help us. When they tell us what the worst thing we can do is, it's the opposite. Why would they tell us please give us Newt? I think Romneycare, they think they can destroy Romney because that is Obamacare and Romney's advisers have said so. His people helped him put it together, yeah, it was the model for Obamacare. They think it takes Obamacare off the table as an issue because Romney can be targeted or mentioned as having supported it and implemented it in Massachusetts, which he won't renounce.

GRETA: Straight ahead, the man behind the microphone. What is Rush Limbaugh's greatest passion? He will tell you himself. That's next.


GRETA: Rush Limbaugh on the radio, he says wild horses couldn't keep him away. So how did he get there? Rush Limbaugh tells his own story.  One last question. You're 18years old, you have $5,000 to your name. No radio show, nothing, what would you do?

RUSH: I'd look for a job

GRETA: Doing what?

RUSH: Whatever my passion was, whatever I loved. See, look, I knew I wanted to do radio when I was 12. I hated school. Getting ready for school every morning my mother had the radio on and that guy was having fun and I was having drudgery. I wanted to do what that guy was doing. I loved music. I wanted to be a DJ. I would find my passion and whatever it was, wild horses couldn't stop me. I would find a way to get paid doing it, which is essentially what I did.

GRETA: No plan B?

RUSH: No! I don't think you can go wrong if do you what you love. If you are pursuing what you love you will eventually find it. Your ambition, your desire will get you there. Your stick-to-itiveness, that's what passion and love are. They will get you there to one degree or another, and then however much you want to apply yourself, that's up to you. I did give up on radio when I was 28. I was a DJ, I figured I gotten too old. I went to work for the Kansas City Royals and after three years that grew old, corporate structure, very button down. I am not a conformist. I didn't fit being confined. Those five years I was there were the first five years of my life I was out of a radio station. I saw the world differently, I met people I wouldn't otherwise met. I decided to go back to radio because it was what I was best at. And I was better after five years off the radio the first day I was on than I was the 12 previous. I don't know why. I decided to go into spoken word, not play music. I wanted to find out if I could be the reason people listened. Not guests, not authors, not other people, singers, recording artists. I wanted to find out if I could be the reason. I got lucky. I found a radio station in Sacramento and that led to the EIB Network. But all I ever did was stay dedicated to my desires. I didn't have $5,000 when I was 18. I didn't have anything.

GRETA: Well, it's worked out okay.

RUSH: It has.

GRETA:  Rush, thank you very much.

RUSH: Thank you very much. I appreciate it.



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