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"Obama signed the new Defense Authorization Act on New Year's Eve. It allows the US military to detain anybody for no reason. They just have to suspect you of 'terrorism' and they can put you away in a jail. You are not allowed a lawyer. No habeas corpus. This is way beyond the Patriot Act. This is total authoritarianism. This is the kind of stuff that exists in Third World banana republics. The government can detain anybody!"

"Just a second. (sipping drink) I'm not being rude when I sip. A lot people ask, 'Why you do that?' I'm doing that to avoid dead air. Dead air causes people to panic."

"The media really hate having to pretend to care what people in Iowa think. As far as the media is concerned the more kooky or extreme the Republican nominee, the better, because they think they're in a foreign country today."

"There are so many myths: The income gap getting wider? It isn't. The rich getting richer? They aren't. You know, people move in and out of all these financial categories constantly. They're all fluid."

"The Democrats don't see how Obama can win. Our guys don't see how he can lose. What does that tell you?"

"This could be a slam-dunk landslide with the right candidate and the right campaign and the right contrast, because Obama is defined by his policies."

"I can't tell you the number of people, wherever I go, whose number one complaint about practically every Republican hopeful is that somebody thinks they're stupid, sound stupid or talk stupid."

"You have to define yourself. You can't let others. And Obama can't define himself honestly and win. So we should do it."

"There is nothing wrong with constantly learning. I love it. I'm constantly learning. I know many of you think that there's not much I have left to learn, but that's not true."

"Principle will trump inexperience every time it's tried. But it's people who are trying to play the game that get caught up in the game and oftentimes make mistakes. It's the calculators. It's the people who are insincere, who are not governed by principle."

"Everybody knows who and what Obama is. And it's not that hard to contrast with Obama. That's why we're sitting on a potential gold mine here with the right nominee. I'm talking about for the future of the country. There's no reason to nominate and elect a moderate."

"We got Republicans, media, conservatives, you name it, that are trying to kill Republicans, in a political sense. We've got people saying horrible things about Gingrich, horrible things about Romney, horrible things about Bachmann. Nobody will say one horrible thing about Obama."

"The media's trying to pick our nominee. They do it every four years and they pick somebody they think can be beat. Some people get caught up, 'Hey, the media likes this guy, maybe --' No. That's the death knell. You don't want somebody on our side that the media likes."

"The Democrat Party has gone off the cliff extremist liberal, and Obama is their dream candidate. This is not Lyndon Johnson's Democrat Party. It is not John Kennedy's Democrat Party. I mean it's not even Woodrow Wilson's party. And that's saying something. This is more like Anastas Mikoyan's party."

"Jimmy Carter was swept out in a 49-state landslide. But nobody knew that that was gonna happen 'til Election Day. The polls never indicated a 49-state landslide. It's why I'm constantly imploring people to work hard and not get caught up in the daily conventional wisdom of media."

"The thinking of real Americans does not get reflected until they vote."

"I'm 60. There hasn't been this kind of destruction of our nation and its fabric in my lifetime. The closest is Jimmy Carter."

"If you look at the left's heroes, sports or otherwise, they're the people that are constantly getting in trouble, the bad boys, the guys crossing the line, the risk-takers."

"Even when I'm not here, this program is listened to by members of the media so that they can figure out what you think."

"Rupert Murdoch tweeting. I tried to have somebody explain this to me over the weekend and I still... never mind."


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