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original"If it's a NASCAR race Newt is going to intentionally crash his car into Romney's. From the purely spectator point of view, what could be better?"

"Newt is gonna go into New Hampshire and beyond and try to take Romney out every bit as much as Newt is going to try to win it himself. That's how angry he is."

"If you were Romney, which endorsement would you rather have today? John McCain or Rush Limbaugh?"

"The left knows that 'big government' is a negative. It is a harmful term to attach to somebody, and that's why they're trying to attach it to Santorum. But Rick Santorum does not believe in the big government of Barack Obama. It's a totally different thing for him."

"Did you happen to see any of the videotape of Obama's dog-and-pony show? I'm telling you, I don't know how this happened, folks, but they added 25 years to his appearance. Barack Obama looked like Max Headroom out there. He looked like a space alien. The idea that Obama was the big winner last night is a crock."

"The idea that Obama was the big winner last night is a crock. It is wishful thinking. The more this Republican primary goes on front and center and the more Republican conservative ideas are debated and presented as contrast to Obama the more it hurts Obama."

"'Big government' has a specific meaning today, and it means welfare state. It means redistribution. It means high taxes. It means command-and-control of the economy."

"Now the media is telling us they're afraid of Romney. That's strategic so that we think we should support Romney. But the left is never gonna tell us what they really want us to do, and the left is never looking out for our best interests."

"It's money that motivates most people to want to win elective office. It's being in control of the federal budget that is the great carrot that's dangling in front of everybody's eyes, because that's the power."

"I remember telling all of you when I started this program late eighties, early nineties, that we conservatives like big government in a lot of ways. We want it enforcing the border and the law. We want it defending and upholding the Constitution. We don't believe in no government. We never have believed in no government!"

"Things can change on a dime and the unexpected (by definition) is going to happen in politics more often than not; and history can tell you that after the first election, be it a caucus or a primary, you're gonna have people that are out of it. The first official declaration that they have lost, where do they go? Certainly not into debt so they get out of the race."

"If I were seeking the Republican nomination for president, there are people whose endorsement I would want and people who I wish would not say anything, and McCain would be one who I would hope wouldn't come out in my favor."

"Santorum has emerged here as a real threat, and they're taking it seriously because this mantra here that Santorum's big government conservative, folks, don't doubt me on this. That is the single greatest indication that they're afraid of him and taking him seriously."

"If big government anything was a winner, then they'd be running around calling Obama a big government guy, not Santorum."

"At least once a week some Republican consultant goes on MSNBC to point out how voters don't care what I say or any other talk show host -- not just me -- that we don't move votes, that we don't influence thinking. We're just a bunch of entertainers or what have you. If we're so inconsequential, why keep talking about it?"

"I really am uncomfortable talking about myself the way I've been forced into it today, particularly for the last half hour, 'cause I really don't think it advances anything. This is not a boutique here. Sometimes the case is necessitated, but it does make me very uncomfortable because it's not why I do this."

"The media is very powerful still. They can convince people there's a recession when there isn't. They can take perfectly healthy neighborhood or community and make it feel horrible by telling it, 'You might be doing well, but I'll tell you: The economy is bad out there,' and people feel guilty."

"It's interesting. Oftentimes a candidate's best speech is the sayonara speech. Did you ever notice that?"


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