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NY Times Raises Prices
RUSH: Did you know the New York Times has raised their price? I had no idea because I'm one of these idiots that reads it for free -- hee-hee-hee-hee-hee -- on the Internet. I don't read the whole paper so I don't sign up for the whole thing so you can get some of it, all you need, for nothing. You know what the newsstand price is now? Maybe it's the delivery price, $2.50. They raised it 50 cents. So it's $2.50 per issue of the New York Times. What is the New York Post, a quarter, 50 cents or whatever it is? My point, though, is the New York Times' annual cost is more than the tax cut Obama is giving you. Their increase, the New York Times increase of 50 cents an issue will more than eat up your $40 tax cut that Obama gave you in the extension of payroll tax cut toward the end of the year. Fascinating statistic, is it not?

Yeah. Here it is. The New York Times increases the newsstand price Monday through Saturday 50 cents a day, now $2.50. The Sunday price, $5 local, $6 national for the New York Times. And what this means to you is if you stop reading the New York Times you will save $17 a week, now 20, you'll save $20 a week, and that's more than the Obama tax holiday on Social Security payments, which is $40 a month. I couldn't believe it when Obamaites went out and started talking about all you could do with $40 a month and how important it was, and they actually went out and they found poor, bedraggled, suffering Democrat voters detailing what that 40 bucks meant. Their lives would be over if they didn't have it. It meant the one tank of gas that would get them to and from work that month. It was incredible. (interruption) No, not a vacation to Hawaii with the girls. Forty dollars won't get you that, unless you're a Two If By Tea winner. We gave away those, but it was laughable.

Big-Time Sports Has Lost Mystique
RUSH: I think there's another bowl game tonight.  Not that I care.  I'm not big into college sports because I didn't go to college so I got no alma mater or any of that.  The uniforms look cheaper. But I think there's a bowl game tonight.  I know there's a bowl game next week, the championship game's not 'til next week.  You know, there used to be three or four bowl games, they all mattered, they were all on New Year's Day and that was it.  Now there's 30,000 of them.  Teams that go 5-7 in the regular season end up playing in postseason bowl games.  I don't know.  Just waters it down. 
In fact, I was talking with Kathryn.  We were out in Hawaii and we're watching ESPN, and I said, "You know, television sports is ruining sports.  It's taking the mystique away from it."  What prompted me to make this observation was some coach who had been working at ESPN after getting fired as a coach was going back to coaching. I said, "This is just is a revolving door now. There's no mystique left in sports.  It's gone.  It's not as special as it was."  The Orange Bowl is tonight.  That's down here, in Miami, Clemson versus West Virginia. 

How El Rushbo Gooses Prius Drivers
RUSH: You know the dedication and work ethic of those at the Heritage Foundation. They are ever present, they're always researching, they're always thinking. They're always writing, they're always coagulating, they're always collaborating, they're always collating. They're doing everything that thinkers do: publishing, speaking, writing, pondering, Tebowing. They do all kinds of stuff at the Heritage Foundation. Look at the work they did over the holidays on both the budget issues and their coverage of Iran's war games in the Strait of Hormuz, just as examples.
So what does a seasoned group of researchers do for comedic release? They're like anybody else. They have to have some fun, some moment of release. So what they've done at Heritage is build a new website. Now, these are very serious-minded people at Heritage. They've found the extra time to make a website that's a must-visit. It's got a name might appeal to many of you on any given day, HowtoIrritateaLiberal.com is the name of Heritage's little fun website. HowtoIrritateaLiberal.com. Now, it's clearly in jest but it makes a point. What they've done is compile at least 50 ways to irritate a liberal, and then the people at Heritage took some of the most probable ones and they made a site out of it! Just driving your SUV alongside their Prius or a Chevrolet Volt is enough to irritate a liberal.
It really is. I do it! I drive a car, folks, that gets eight miles a gallon. It's a car, not an SUV. I drive a car that weighs 6200 pounds. This car is a bi-turbo, 12-cylinder, 612-horsepower car, and it will bury a Prius, and I give 'em an anal exam when I see 'em in a 35-mile-an-hour traffic zone. I get up, and then we go to a red light,. I pull up alongside and they're in their Prius. I'm alongside in that big behemoth and when that light turns green, I goose it just to show them that I am wasting a lot more gasoline than they're saving, just to irritate them. (laughing) "Mr. Limbaugh, don't you worry the fuel you're wasting?" No, I'm not wasting any fuel.

Colonel Mark Hasara on Fuel Burn
RUSH: A friend of mine, Colonel Mark Hasara, US Air Force (retired) flew KC-135 tankers in the Air Force as part of the original invasion of the war in Iraq.  He said he was amused listening to my conversation about how you like to goose my car off the starting line next to a Prius.  He said, "You ought to tell 'em what we burn in a KC-135 tanker."  You know, in jet aircraft you measure fuel by pounds, not by mileage.  In an automobile you measure it by how many miles to the gallon.  In an airplane you measure it by pounds for a number of reasons.  A, the mileage would be embarrassing. (laughing) But also you have to calculate the weight of a full load or a full load for takeoff distance and landing weight and that kind of thing.
So Mark informs me here about a KC-135, which is a military verse of a Boeing 707.
"The KC-135 tanker burns 2500 pounds of jet fuel just to start the engines, taxi out, and take off to 2,000 feet."  Twenty five hundred pounds of jet fuel just to start the four engines, taxi out, and get up to anywhere from 800 to 2,000 feet.  "The B1 bomber oftentimes requires the after burners on for takeoff depending on the armaments load, the fuel load." You know, when I did the Diet for Peace, I was in a B1 cockpit, and the B1 bomber, which is two engines, "burns 8,000 pounds a minute during after burner takeoff."  Eight thousand pounds a minute! (laughing) Now, you stack that up against your Prius and whatever your miles to the gallon are, and you think you're saving the earth? (laughing) I love it.  I love putting this stuff in perspective.  Now, you could take that KC-135 and you go to extrapolate that to your average airliner. The engines have been modified. They're not the old 707 engines.

I just got the numbers on the fuel burn for EIB 1, which you can see at the Limbaugh Broadcast Museum at RushLimbaugh.com. It's a Gulfstream G550. Four hundred thirty gallons per hour flying at Mach .85 at about 45,000 feet. So 430 gallons an hour is what we burn on EIB 1. You can see, folks, where eight miles to the gallon in my car is not really a big deal, particularly when I'm trying to goose somebody driving a Prius.


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