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A Caller's Experience with HARP 1.0


RUSH: Calabash, North Carolina.  Hi, John.  Glad you waited.  You're next on the program.  It's wonderful to have you here.  Hi.

CALLER:  It's great to be on, Rush.  How are you?

RUSH:  Very well.  Thank you, sir.

CALLER:  Good.  I want to talk to you about the HARP 1 program that I've gone through.  I ended up getting laid off, you know, through the recession and everything else.  I went through the program just like I was instructed to.  It was all a big smoke screen.  It wasn't anything that ended up working out.  I went through all of the red tape for a year, they called me up a year after I had started the process, and then one guy told me on one day, "Yep, you're all set, you're all approved." Because my credit's great, everything else was great, I did everything the way I was supposed to do through the mortgage system, and then the next day another gentleman from Chase calls me up and says, "Oh, the guy that talked to you yesterday was mistaken.  You didn't approve for the program."  I was fit to be tied.  My wife said, "Don't take anything for sure until you get something in writing."

RUSH:  Yeah.

CALLER:  She was right.

RUSH:  Well, you know, it's a good story, and it's instructive.  And because of that a lot of people think that this second attempt at mortgage aid will also go by the wayside.  There's a big difference, though, in HARP 2 and what you tried to do.

CALLER:  Right.

RUSH:  And that is you don't need any qualifications.  All you have to do is be three months current.

CALLER:  I see.

RUSH:  Now, I still think you're still gonna have to go deal with a bunch of bureaucrats, and that right there can open up all kinds of problems.  I think what's really going on here -- it's like in your case, Obama didn't care whether you got any mortgage assistance.  All he wanted out of this was big news that he had made it possible, that he cared, that he was making it possible.  Whether it actually happened for anybody was inconsequential because he knew that the media was not gonna report on whether the program worked or not, and if they ever did, it would be so far down the line, people forgot about it.  Same thing with this.  Meanwhile, you took it seriously.  The government's got a plan to help me with my mortgage, you go in there and you get caught up in this bureaucrat mess. You get told two or three different stories and at the end of the day nothing happens. You get lied to, misled.

CALLER:  Absolutely. 

RUSH:  But Obama, after all that still got credit for caring and compassion and trying to help you, which is all he wants.

CALLER:  I think he's gonna do the same in this next program.

RUSH:  That's exactly right.

CALLER:  This is just to get the election process going and looking great and then it's gonna happen again, the smoke screen's up again.  I don't think this man likes any American no matter what color he is.  The whole left-hand side is just dragging this country down, and I don't know what else we can do about it besides things like this, talking on the radio, telling people what they should be really listening to. But they've got a liberal media pushing them and sending them --

RUSH:  I've always thought, and I may be naive and simplistic, but I've always thought -- it's why I do what I do, frankly -- I've always thought that the ultimate victory over all of this is the most informed and the greatest number of the most informed people possible.  And we're up against long odds because the education system's against us, the rest of the media's against us.  But we're still in there.  This is why I wanted my staff to conduct this little test of sending e-mails to their conservative friends about this mortgage plan just to see the reaction.  'Cause my guess is that most people are gonna look at it and take it entirely personally and think, "Wow, this is cool." 

They're not gonna see the extra-constitutionality of it, the illegality of it, the tax consequences of it, the cost to them of it. They're just gonna see, "Wow, my mortgage is gonna come down 500 bucks a month and Obama is gonna do that? I'm for that."  And that's what Obama's counting on.  And look at the position we're in now. In trying to educate people about it, we're the scrooges, which makes it doubly tough to inform 'em.  But it does not deter, does not deter.  I can do Scrooge as well as Scrooge could.



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