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"Folks, this mortgage refinance business, if Obama will do this in an election year, what will he be capable of in a second term when there's no accountability, when he's basically a lame duck? Why not just write off half the student loan debt?"

"Obama is not confronting the Republicans.  He's confronting the Constitution.  The Republicans are not Obama's obstacle.  The Constitution is Obama's obstacle." 

"Washington is all about who's in charge of the money, folks.  They'll tell you they care about ideas, but ideas are secondary.  The money in that town, being in charge of it, what you can do with it is the great attraction."

"Obama could offer a trillion-dollar stimulus as measured over a decade that would directly and immediately impact millions of Americans suffering from the housing depression and just wipe it out. It's a political and economic gaining changer in a presidential election year." 

"General Motors has announced a recall of every Chevrolet Volt ever made.  It's a fire risk.  They need to do something to strengthen a compartment around the battery."

"You know, I really like Dana Perino.  Maybe I ought to stop there."

"You ask what has Obama done to improve the economy.  The only thing I can think of is extending the Bush tax cuts over a year ago."

"I wanted to remind you, this is an election year and there is no news.  The fact that the media does news is a misnomer.  The media is an arm of the Democrat Party of the Obama administration.  They have an agenda and the whole point here is to spread propaganda." 

"McCain's very concerned about the recess appointment.  Well, that and a quarter will get you a latte."

"As Republicans we're not supposed to attack Obama, we're not supposed to make it anything personal.  No.  We're not supposed to criticize Obama.  That will send the independents running wherever they're gonna go."

"The entire Republican establishment thought Ronald Reagan was unelectable because they are governed and informed by the Goldwater landslide defeat.  That's what they think will happen to every conservative.  Don't doubt me."

"I have never met a party that beats itself up. I have never met a party that beats itself, period, the way this Republican Party does.  It's just stunning."

"We live in a culture now where the left has been working for years to take as much risk off as much of life as possible.  They have been characterizing events like people being underwater in their houses as terribly unfortunate and unfair and we must do something about it.  There's not a majority sentiment, but there's a popular sentiment in the country for bailing out people and institutions."

"Capitalism was not in play during the TARP bailout, during Obama stimulus, and it's not at play here with this potential mortgage bailout, either. If capitalism were really in play, none of this would be going on.  Capitalism's getting a bad rap."

"I know you think I'm anti-Romney.  I'm not.  The Republican establishment is pushing Romney because they think Romney will do the best down ballot.  Don't doubt me on this."

"I don't trust anybody on matters of national security who has sued states trying to protect their borders.  We're supposed to trust Obama with our national security and this guy sues Arizona over an immigration law."

"If you regard the Constitution as law, the president is behaving in a lawless manner.  There's no question about it."

"If we had an incumbent Republican president running with the record Obama has, we would be panicking, would we not?"

"I think rank-and-file Democrats are scared to death.  They see what we see.  They see the economic destruction.  Some of them like it because it leads to chaos and will lead to ever larger government, ostensibly to fix all of this."


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