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"Here we have the country economically in great peril, and the subject matter of the debate on Saturday night largely was the social issues. That's the Democrats and the media trying to portray all of these Republicans as wacko extremists who want to be in your bedroom."

"There's nothing polarizing about Tebow. What is "polarizing," if anything, is the reporting on Tebow."

"I believe that in addition to whatever drives Barack Obama and his party ideologically, also near the top of the list is the pursuit of money without having to work for it; being able to pass it out to their friends and set their friends up to be wealthy for the rest of their lives."

"The Democrats know that our experts are stupid enough to believe that the Democrats will be honest and tell us who they really don't want to face."

"The Democrats are afraid of any candidate they have sought to destroy. You can start with Sarah Palin, you can move on to Santorum. Any conservative who showed any interest -- the Democrats set out to destroy. That's who they're genuinely afraid of."

"Where has it been established that Republican voters seek a nominee who can work with the other side? This is what leads the Republican Party to continue to nominate people that lose. This is not what the people of this country want."

"The news today is all agenda oriented. It's all propaganda, oriented toward reelecting Obama, pure and simple."

"I didn't know that God was gonna watch the Steelers-Broncos. I said if God decides to watch, who do you think he's going to choose? Who do you think he's gonna want to win, Tebow or Roethlisberger?"

"Republican elite, establishment, whatever you want to call 'em, are obsessed with favorable coverage from the media. They are obsessed with, at the end of this debate, having the media praise them."

"I am largely responsible for the fact the media monopoly no longer exists. And since their monopoly no longer exists, their ability to have this pretense that they're objective is long gone."

"I haven't changed. I'm still who I am, my ideas, I'm consistent. I don't change."

"Independents, moderates, I have long suspected that they're just liberals who don't want to say that they're liberals. And I'm also convinced a lot of people say that they're independents because they're sophisticated enough to know that the media thinks they're God, that they're the ones who elect people."

"The Republican elite live among people who love Obama. Media and Democrats. They have an entirely distorted view of life outside the eastern seaboard."

"Folks, it is safe to say that domestically in this country conservative Republicans are the biggest enemy the Democrats have, bigger than al-Qaeda, bigger than the Taliban, bigger than Iran, bigger than any foreign enemy."

"If Obamacare is so wonderful, if it's so great, why aren't the unions dying to jump on the bandwagon? Why do they have to get waivers?"

"We have been nailing it here for the last three months, day in and day out, sometimes multiple intensity nails per day."


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