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originalSome of the topics we're loaded with today: New Hampshire: Romney 37%, Paul 17%, Huntsman 15% || Poll: Most Republicans Want New Candidate || White House Scolds Media as 'Irresponsible' || New Hampshire Primary

Morning Update: Banned

The largest attack on America’s energy sector comes from, where else, the Obama Regime. Early Monday, word began to filter out that Ken Salazar, the Regime’s Minister of the Interior, would impose a ban on new uranium mining claims.

Newt Sounds Just Like Obama

RUSH: The way Newt's talking here... I never heard him speak this way before, I must tell you. The way he's speaking, this sounds like left-wing social engineering.... You know, the Newt PAC, I got an idea for you guys.  Re-cut your ads on Romney and your tagline is, "I am Barack Obama, and I approve of this message."  Put that at the end of your ad.

Gingrich Goes Perot on Romney

RUSH: Perot never really wanted to win that campaign. He just wanted to deny reelection of George H. W. Bush in 1992. So you might say that Newt now has adopted the Perot stance, because he just said it: "I'm gonna make sure that Romney doesn't come out of New Hampshire with any momentum whatsoever."


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