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originalSome of the topics we're loaded with today: Romney Wins New Hampshire || Michelle Obama: Tired of 'Angry Black Woman' Stereotype || On to South Carolina

Mitt's Best Speech So Far

RUSH: "Turn it into a European-style social welfare state." That's descriptive enough. I think it's far more hideous than that, but I know they're not gonna go there. They're not gonna explain this the way I would. So, I gotta learn to eat that sandwich.

A Clarification on Newt and Perot

RUSH: I did not mean to say, and I'm sorry if you inferred from that, that I don't think Newt wants to win.  I don't believe that.  I think he wants to win.  I think he's in it to win, but I think he's now got an equal, coequal motivator, and that is to stick it to Romney as Romney stuck it to him.


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