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 "The very people who have been hawking Romney and singing his praises are now going to discuss his shortcomings in terms of their fears. They haven't looked at that before because that hasn't been the objective. The objective has been to see to it that a conservative doesn't get the nomination."

"Every day in politics is a teachable moment when you've got liberals as your opponents."

"Reagan defended conservatism. This is the thing that people forget. Reagan taught conservatism. When he talked about cutting taxes, he explained how it benefited the middle class, how it benefited everybody. And everything Reagan taught was oriented around reducing the size and role of government in people's lives, which equals more and more freedom."

"Obama is not in over his head. It's where his head is that's the problem. He's breaking the law right in front of our faces and we don't have the guts to call him on it."

"Why in the world would anybody seeking the Republican presidential nomination try to shield themselves from criticism by hiding behind Obama?"

"Barack Obama believes that the Founders and the white majority of this country, since its founding, have been inherently unfair, have screwed everybody else, have taken everything for themselves -- and then sent our own sons and daughters around the world to war to protect their own personal spoils."

"My desires and my motivations are pure, and that is the triumph of this country -- return to greatness, at least the return to the path."

"When you go out and equate your own actions in the private sector with what Obama did at General Motors, you are defending Obama!"

"Barack Obama and Romney did not do what they did for the same reasons -- for the same objective, same things -- and I just think if you're going to wade into this pool of defending the way you save a business, you're not government. I don't know. I just think there's a better way of doing this educationally, informatively than tying yourself to Obama."

"Reagan was so good that he was able to go over all those heads and establish a bond of likability and trust with the American people despite what was being said about him. Very few people have that ability."

"The Government does not have to make a profit running anything. I give you the Volt. They don't care! The Volt ends up costing $250,000 per car when you account for all the subsidies and everything else."

"There's nothing -- there's not a single thing -- that is common between we as conservatives and Barack Obama."

"Ron Paul is a conservative killer. Ron Paul kills the conservative vote, and the Romney camp wants him in there, encouraging him to stay in there."

"Obama's not just a nice guy who's in over his head. Obama has a plan. Obama's plan is based on his inherent belief that this country was immorally and illegitimately founded by a very small minority of white Europeans who screwed everybody else since the founding to get all the money and all the goodies, and it's about time that the scales were made even."

"Everything to practically everyone who works in Washington, the Gospel of Wealth is why they are there. The Gospel of Wealth is why they want to get the Senate and the committee chairmanships! They want to be in charge of the money."

"All capitalism is, is the American dream, for crying out loud! Without capitalism, there is no American dream. Sorry. There cannot be an American dream to pursue without capitalism."

"I think this newfound concern for Romney is rooted in the ultimate dissatisfaction they are feeling at having vanquished a conservative alternative. That's what has motivated the establishment for all these months."

"Two things that make the world go 'round: money and lust. The thing you feel when you think you're in love at first, those two things -- there maybe others but those two things -- have the power to make you behave in ways you otherwise wouldn't, and both of those things are inexorably tied together in Washington -- and somewhere in that mix is ideas, but it's not as high atop the list as you and I would hope."

"It's abundantly clear that Obama intends to run for reelection by running against capitalism."

"The Democrat Party has made a lifetime career out of bashing every successful corporate entity in this country. Big Oil, Big Drug, Big Pharmaceutical, Big Walmart, Big Retail, 'Big' whatever. Look at their enemies list -- and we join them?"

"I'm all for vetting candidates -- I'm all for finding out just exactly who they are and I'm all for finding out if they can defend themselves -- but I don't think you tear down the engine of freedom or any other conservative principle in the process of doing all this."


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