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C-SPAN Goes Blue


RUSH: Snerdley, you'll love this. Stop screening for a minute. I want to show you how good you have it. C-SPAN needs you! They're getting hammered today with prank calls. (laughing) This Bain business has just gone Looney Tunes. In fact, let me just read it to you. It's from the Mediaite website. "C-SPAN is not, typically, a place where one can expect to find the sort of gaffes, fights, and general shenanigans running rampant on other politically minded networks. But, lately, it has had to contend with a couple of prank callers," and actually it's more than a couple. They have a video at the website, and Judd Gregg is the guest. (laughing) There's a still shot of the video Judd Gregg looking absolutely appalled because of a prank caller.

I've sent the audio up to Cookie to have her prepare it for us -- and, by the way, I don't want to give too much of this away, but if you are made uncomfortable by the discussion of body parts below the waist, tune out. I'll give you five seconds to go somewhere, 'cause we're not here to shock anybody and we're not here to offend anybody. If you don't want to hear it, I'll give you time to go, but if you don't leave and you end up being offended you can't complain. Nobody will care, nobody will listen to you 'cause you've been warned. Five, four, three, two, one. Okay. Everybody who doesn't want to hear this is now gone. "A caller poses a serious question regarding Newt Gingrich's campaign to former New Hampshire governor Judd Gregg," and, as the conversation takes place, the caller eventually asks Judd Gregg what he thinks "of the size of Mitt Romney's penis," on C-SPAN!
It's on C-SPAN! We're gonna trying to get the audio. I just sent it up to Cookie. C-SPAN does not know how to deal with this. (laughing) I guarantee you. They're probably pulling their hair out. So there's an orchestrated campaign now. This has become just a sad thing. It's become a joke.


RUSH: We have now, ladies and gentlemen, audio from C-SPAN. If you were not with us in the first hour, C-SPAN's being spammed by prank callers. We have an example of it. Play audio. Again, if you're made uncomfortable by the discussion of body parts below the waist, you ought not to listen. It's not a big deal here, but I don't want to shock anybody. If you don't like this stuff, I'll give you five seconds to tune out and come back in about a minute. This is C-SPAN's Washington Journal. Judd Gregg, former Senator (Republican-New Hampshire), is on the show, is doing a Q&A with callers. The caller identified as Debbie from Londonderry, and here is the call. It's audio sound bite number 26. (silence) Oh, the computer froze? Unh-uh. The computer froze.

C-SPAN CALLER: First, I'd like to say that you were my governor and congressman and Senator for some time, and we were pulling for you to run for president yourself, but your supporting of Mitt Romney --

GREGG: Well, that's very nice of you. Thank you.

C-SPAN CALLER: -- and I'm supporting Mitt Romney as well. And, of course, Mitt Romney has very high expectations for the campaign after his victory in the New Hampshire primary. I was wondering what size lead do you think he needs to avoid a disappointment; and, also, how big is Mitt Romney's penis?

C-SPAN HOST: Apologies, Governor.

RUSH: And we'll be back. You should have seen Judd Gregg's face! 



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