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Abandoned Baby Found at Occupy DC
RUSH: An abandoned baby was found at the Washington, DC, Occupy tent city.  I didn't even know the Occupy tent city was still going in Washington.  I've been so focused on other things, and now we find out that there was an abandoned baby found.  I had no clue that John Edwards was still involved or was involved at all in the Occupy movement.  But when you've got an abandoned baby, you have to figure, well, maybe the Breck Girl's involved somehow.  It's a 13 month old baby girl, been left alone for at least a half hour. A man said that he was her father, was charged with attempted second degree cruelty to children.  Where do you get these charges?  Attempted second degree cruelty to children. How do you do attempted cruelty?  You either are or you aren't.  I would think that the biggest danger to the kid was the rat infestation that they always have in that park, and I mean real rats, not just the Occupy people. 

GOP Delegate Count
RUSH: Some fascinating numbers coming out of the New Hampshire primary. Now, there 1,144 delegate votes needed to win the Republican nomination. That's the total necessary: 1,144. After two primaries... Well, you really have to say one because the Hawkeye Cauci does not produce delegate votes. But after two skirmishes... We'll count the Hawkeye Cauci as a primary just for the sake of this discussion. After Iowa and New Hampshire, Romney has 12 delegate votes (12 out of 1,144) and Ron Paul has ten. He lost two primaries but he's got ten delegate votes. He's two votes behind Romney, and they're telling us the race is over. The Republican establishment says, "It's over! Everybody's gonna implode in South Carolina. It's up for grabs," but nothing...

They're telling us that the presumptive nominee is Romney, it's over. Okay, so you got 1144 delegate votes to wrap up the nomination. Romney has 12 and they're telling us it's over. Ron Paul has ten, Santorum has seven, Huntsman two, Gingrich two. Even Rick Perry has two! Even Rick Perry has two delegate votes right now. He's only ten behind Romney. And they're telling us that the race is over. They are. It's the same thing that happened in 2000. (interruption) Yeah, he's come in dangerously high in both places. He's on the verge of winning in Iowa, until "The Intelligent People" took him out.

Red Wine Scientist Made It Up
RUSH: You know, I love are busting myths. I just love it, especially medical myths. Yeah, I just take great satisfaction in -- in telling people, you know, the things they believe, the cockamamie BS that they believe for years was made pick up. This one, though, is gonna hit people hard. This next one is really gonna hit you hard. How many of you...? (laughing) I first saw it on 60 Minutes. How many of you have believed, and have thus been living your life, under the notion that red wine prevents disease and heart attacks and all that? Red wine. "There's something in red wine, particularly if you consume it with protein like the French do with cheese. You know, the French are not fat. The French don't die of heart attacks. The French don't have clogged arteries and they drink wine all the time."

There's some magical ingredient in red wine. You've heard this, right? People who drink red wine tell you this. In fact, people that drink red wine, a lot of them who drink red wine use that as their justification. It's almost like they're taking medicine. Dadelut dadelut dadelut dadelut! "Hartford, Connecticut -- A University of Connecticut researcher known for his work on red wine’s benefits to cardiovascular health falsified his data in more than 100 instances, university officials said Wednesday. UConn officials said nearly a dozen scientific journals are being warned of the potential problems after publishing his studies in recent years. The researcher, Dr. Dipak Das, has conducted studies of resveratrol, an ingredient in red wine that has shown potential for promoting health."

But another researcher, "whose research team conducts resveratrol research at the Albert Einstein College of Medicine in New York, told The Associated Press ... that Das is not a major figure in the field and the new allegations will not make a material difference to resveratrol research, which is being conducted extensively around the world ..." This guy ought to be transferred to the global warming research community. He just made it up! He literally just made it up -- and guess who's investigating? It's something called (you ever heard of this?) the US Office of Research Integrity. How can there be such a thing in the US government? How could any government have a bureaucracy called "research integrity"? Who even knew that it existed -- and why aren't they investigating ClimateGate? Why are they out there investigating this red wine guy? So they found 145 instances where this scientist has fabricated, falsified, and manipulated data on red wine.

I'm sorry to inform you, folks, but it's all true. 

Nobody Wants Green Cars
RUSH: I just love these kinds of stories where I've been right all along. "The US auto industry remains unsold over the future of 'green cars' such as electrics," which are coal-driven, "and hybrids, as carmakers struggle with the first steps in a market most agree shows promise over the long term." No! There is not general agreement that there is promise in the green car industry in the long term. "Automakers wheeled out a variety of new hybrids and plug-in electrics," driven by coal, "at the annual Detroit auto show this week, touting their great energy savings along with new, freshened designs.

"But despite that apparent commitment, behind the scenes, the manufacturers remain split between doubts and optimism over their potential." What's the doubt? Nobody wants these! The only way you end up with 'em is if it's a statement like wearing an AIDS ribbon. "Look at me! I'm better than you. I care more than you do. You see this ribbon? It means I'm better than you are! See me in this hybrid? That means I care more than you!" A vanity buy is what this is. People aren't buying these things. They have to be paid to buy them. GM has had to recall every Volt that they've ever made, and they all depend on higher gasoline prices. That's what Obama's for.

Hypocrisy: The New York Times on Layoffs
RUSH: The New York Times, how many people have they laid off? How many employees have they let go and bought out and so forth? They just got rid of their CEO for $15 million, and they write stories on Bain Capital? It's such hypocrisy.


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