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Some of the topics we're loaded with today: Romney Widens Lead || Taliban Urine Video an Embarrassment to Obama || Democrats, Some Republicans Step Up Attacks on Capitalism and Bain

CNBC Retracts Story on GM, Obama, Bain

CNBC: "A previous story incorrectly reported that Mitt Romney's former firm, Bain & Co., was part of a team of consulting companies that advised President Barack Obama on a decision to shutter car dealerships during the auto bailout. Bain & Co. said it has no connection to the 'Bain Consulting' firm referenced in government documents."

Only 2% Hate the 1%

RUSH: According to Gallup, for more than three years now, 40% of Americans describe their views as conservative; 35% as moderate; 21% as liberal ... and only 2% consider the divide between rich and poor to be the most important issue facing the country.

I am the News... Again

RUSH: So now I am a prominent conservative. This varies from week to week, depending on what I'm saying. One week I'm irrelevant and just an entertainer. Another week I could just be making it all up and a liar. This week I'm a prominent, powerful, influential conservative.

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