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Pearls of Wisdom

 "Ideas are ideological. It's not party versus party. It's liberal versus everybody else. That's why I've always believed the more time we spend telling people about liberalism and liberals, the much greater advance we would make."

"This is an election about ideas, not debate skills, but I know people disagree with me."

"When you are in the ideas business, you had better be able to communicate them."

"I don't ever have a problem explaining conservatism. When it's in your heart, it pours out of you. When it's not and you're having to fake it, that's gonna create pauses and insecurity."

"I can only make the things I care about interesting. You don't want to hear me talk about something I don't care about. I will bore you to tears. That's why I've always believed that passion is the giant magnet."

"When a president is Republican, everything that the government does is blamed on him."

"Whatever the worst of Romney is, it isn't Obama."

"I'm not a follower, I reject it. Where the crowd goes, I don't go. When the crowd forms, I pull back. I'm not a conformist, a group-thinker or anything of the sort, and, for some reason, have a pet peeve about people who get caught up in it."

"There is no ribbon for aging. There is not a thing you can do. It doesn't matter what you inject yourself with. You can do like the Pelosi route and go all Botox, but it doesn't matter. You're still gonna get old -- and the older you get, the greater the risk that you're going to die, the older you get the greater the risk that you're going to get a disease."

"I resent attempts at mind control. I resent the attempts at mass manipulation -- and that's what the left does, and they use these health scares as just another tiny little way to get everybody dependent on the government."

"All of a sudden Obama's the great small government reformer in an election year, with health care just waiting to be implemented, which will blow the size of this government up in ways that people cannot imagine."

"'The CDC estimates that 38 million US adults binge drink.' I was stunned it's only 38 million. I was stunned. It's only four or five. Where I live, sipping cocktails, gin and tonic, preferably at 4:30 in the afternoon, is what you have to do to be in the club."

"That's been our problem with the media and Obama all along. Nobody vetted the guy, and nobody's gonna vet him now. That's why it's gonna be up to our candidate to do it and our powers that be don't want that to happen 'cause they think it's gonna frighten the independents."

"It frankly amazes me that television and movie writers and book writers have been able to make such hay out of people biting each other's necks. It's essentially all it is."

"Forty percent of people identify themselves as being conservative. That's a little short of amazing. Just imagine how conservative this country would be if we had a level playing field. Imagine how conservative this country would be if conservatism was not maligned, impugned, laughed at, made fun of, and all that."

"I am a prominent conservative. This varies from week to week, depending on what I'm saying. One week I'm irrelevant and just an entertainer. Another week I could just be making it all up and a liar. This week I'm a prominent, powerful, influential conservative."

"Imagine if the entire establishment, the news media, the entertainment industry, educational system, publishing, imagine if they were not all lockstep liberals, imagine what this country would be like. In other words, imagine if more people were allowed to hear more of the truth."


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