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Pebble Beach Pro-Am Wants to Pair Tebow and Tiger?
RUSH: Hey, hey, hey, get this. This from CBS News: "The AT&T Pebble Beach National Pro-Am," which is broadcast on CBS (and AT&T, of course, is the corporate sponsor "is considering issuing an invitation to Tim Tebow to play in the Pebble Beach Pro-Am," the former Crosby Clambake; and if he accepts, they want to pair him with Tiger Woods. I don't know if Tebow plays golf. All I know is if he doesn't he'll be good. He's an athlete. John Elway picked up golf clubs for the first time while a student at Stanford and was a five handicap from the first day he played the game. That's what he told me. He was an excellent golfer from the first day he took it up. I played golf. I had a trip with Howard Slusher who was a sports agent.

At the time I knew him he was at Nike working with Phil Knight, Paul Westphal (former coach of the Phoenix Suns) and The Hutch; that's where I met the hutch on this fishing tape to Vancouver Island, and the one day that we didn't go salmon fishing we played golf, and The Hutch I don't think had ever played, and The Hutch broke 80 -- and he's a linebacker, not a sinewy, willowy guy. The guy's bulked up; he's out there breaking 80. I've been playing five or six years by this time and I still can't play like him. So if Tebow hasn't played, I have no doubt that he would do well. He's an athlete. But I also don't know that he would accept it. He's a recluse by design.

He's trying to keep his life in perspective. He doesn't go out to dinner. His family and friends surround him. He says he's not making friends outside of sports; it's too hard to do. (I understand that totally.) Let me tell you how this CBS story is worded. I think it's worded this way. It is. Listen to this. What is the news source here? Global Golf Post. I never heard of 'em, so they're not mainstream. You'd have to go search for them on Bing or Google or whatever. They report it this way: "Tebow, a self-confessed virgin who says he's waiting for marriage to have sex would be teaming up with Woods, a man whose major marriage failed after cheating on his wife with numerous women."

I kid you not. That's in this blog post at Global Golf Post; and as you people well know, I have played five or six times in the Pebble Beach Pro-Am. I'm not gonna play this time around, but I have played in it, and it's fun. There's no question. However if the Broncos (a big IF) make the Super Bowl, I don't know that the timing works out because the Pebble Beach Pro-Am, I think, is the week after Super Bowl. Anyway, Tiger Woods, Tim Tebow (laughing) at the Pebble Beach Pro-Am. Somebody has put this news out. I guarantee you that Clint Eastwood and the boys are not happy that this news has gotten out. Clint Eastwood is one of the organizers. Yeah, it's a great thing that the Pebble Beach Pro-Am does. It's a huge charitable event, essentially. The Monterey Peninsula Foundation does great, great work out there. It's really a fun week to be a part of.

Gallup: 40% Self-Identify as Conservative
RUSH: This is from Gallup. We had two interesting Gallup polls, folks. The first one: "Conservatives remain the largest ideological group in America." The number of people who say they're conservative: 40%. The number of people who say they're moderates: 35%. The number of people who say they're liberal: 21%. Why is it, then, that every poll oversamples Democrats? Do you realize we are the majority in this country, and we are being ruled and governed by a minority -- unless you want to add the moderates to liberals, in which case you'd get 56% to 40. But it's still fascinating. The largest ideological identified group, people willing to identify themselves ideologically, is conservatives: 40%. It's not even close with libs at 21%.

Headline of the Day: Woman Says Fake Penis Got Her Fired
RUSH: The headline of the day is in today's Philadelphia Daily News. The story is written by Dana DiFilippo. (Journalists usually don't write the headlines.) I don't even know if Dana's male or female, but here's the headline in the Philadelphia Daily News: "Woman Says Her Fake Penis Got Her Fired," and want... (interruption) No, Snerdley, it's not a vibrating one. No, no, no. "Woman Says Her Fake Penis Got Her Fired." She ought to call C-SPAN.

Why Regulation of TV and Radio is Popular
RUSH: There's a poll out there from Rasmussen that at first is disquieting and alarming, but on reflection, I understand it, not that I agree with it.  Sixty-four percent of the American people favor the FCC regulating television and radio.  Sixty-four percent.  I'll tell you why.  I don't believe it's because they're statists, the people, and I don't believe that they want government to have control over speech.  I think they're tired of the filth.  I think when they're asked, "Do you think the FCC should regulate content, television and radio," I think a lot of them, "Yeah, I'm tired of all the liberalism. Yeah, I'm tired of all the filth. Yeah, I'm tired of all the profanity. Yeah, I'm tired of all the crap. I'm tired of all the wardrobe malfunctions."  That would be my guess in explaining that poll.

Do Muslims Die of Pancreatic Cancer?
RUSH: More health news, as we started the program with. Get this. This by James Gallagher, the health reporter at BBC: "A link between eating processed meat like bacon and pancreatic cancer has been suggested by researchers in Sweden." Eating bacon is linked, MAYBE, to pancreatic cancer. They said, "Eating an extra 50 grams of processed meat, which is basically one sausage, every day would increase your risk by 19%. The World Cancer Research Fund suggested the link may be reduced if you lose weight." So this is the way we hear: Bacon is going to kill you! That's the bacon could kill you. There's a 19% chance bacon could kill you, and people accept this. They hear this and they run around, they believe this. When in fact, what kills people is age, getting older. Nothing more, nothing less, other than accidents, of course, but this pancreatic cancer? You know, Muslims doing it pancreatic cancer. They don't eat bacon. So there goes that theory out the window.

Nuclear Regulatory Commission Pulls Tissue Holder from Bed, Bath & Beyond
RUSH: Bed, Bath and Beyond. How many of you go to Bed, Bath and Beyond? Bed, Bath and Beyond has just issued a recall for a tissue holder -- and here is why. "Bed, Bath and Beyond has issued a recall for its dual-ridge metal boutique tissue holder after the Nuclear Regulatory Commission said that the production contained a material that emits low levels of radiation." Do you believe this? A tissue holder bought at Bed, Bath and Beyond threatens you with radiation. The Nuclear Regulatory Commission is measuring tissue holders while the Iranians are pursuing a nuclear bomb -- and Bed, Bath and Beyond is going to recall a tissue holder -- Kleenex! -- because it emits low leveled of radiation! This is unbelievable. The AP story: " Nuclear Regulatory Commission spokesman David McIntyre said the home products company had pulled the tissue holder from its stores. He said there is little to no risk to human health -- but it's better to avoid unnecessary exposure to radiation." So then how come everybody has to get scanned at airports? We're gonna pull tissue holders and still send people through the scanners?

Go with the Broncos
RUSH: Go with the Broncos.


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