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Some of the topics we're loaded with today: Big NFL Weekend || Huntsman to Drop Out, Endorses Mitt || Cruise Ship Horror

Morning Update: The Dingy One

Senate Majority Leader Dingy Harry Reid is the Democrats' third most powerful elected official – if you count Joe Bite Me as No. 2. This past weekend, Reid went on NBC's "Meet the Depressed" to claim he understands "the frustration of the American people."

The Day I Murdered a Mouse

RUSH: "Oh, my God, mouse!" That, to me, equals filth, dirt, poison. "Oh, my God! I gotta get rid of this," but I'm not gonna take this trash can out. I can't just dump it because the neighbors will see that I got a mouse in here. (sigh) So I called my mother. She said, "Oh, no, mice are cute." I said thanks and hung up.

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Media Obsessed That Huntsman Pullout will Lead to Newt Surge ... Zappos Hacked ... CBS Sports Wants Tebow in Booth ...


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