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 "When's last times you ever heard a liberal consultant tell his client not to attack his opponent 'cause it might tick off the independents? You notice there's only one group of people that gives this advice? Republicans! Republicans are the only people that tell their candidates, 'Don't attack the opposition. You can attack fellow Republicans.'"

"What's the difference between a cop and a soldier, really, when you get down to it? The glaring big difference is the soldier doesn't kick anything back to Obama, not unionized. The teachers, the police officers, and the firefighters, whether they want to be or not, are unionized."

"I have attempted to tell you, as often as possible, that the Republican Party problem with independents is directly traceable to the consultants and pollsters and probably many of the high-ranking elected officials as well, who believe that fully articulated conservatism scares the independents and will lead to landslide defeats, such as Barry Goldwater."

"If capitalism had been ruling the roost there would not be such a thing as a subprime mortgage."

"Capitalism's very simple! It's government that comes in and rigs the game, tries to make the impossible possible; when it doesn't work, then blames capitalism for it, then comes up with even more government programs to fix the original program that caused the problem!"

"I'll tell you, gotta love Perry 'cause he either knows what political correctness is and says, 'Screw it,' or he doesn't know."

"Do you think Harry Reid is really interested in Republicans doing the right thing? You think Harry Reid is really motivated by having the Republicans do well and elect people that will do well from the Republican point of view? Hell, no! Harry Reid is telling us they're scared to death of the Tea Party, and they're ticked off at 'em and that the Tea Party is the only thing stopping them from getting done what they want to get done."

"A guy like Huntsman supports gay rights, believes in manmade global warming, wants to surrender on the War on Terror and thinks we got a great relationship with the ChiComs, and 51% of his voters satisfied with Obama. Seventy percent of his voters describe themselves as moderate and liberals, and they tell us he's the most conservative."

"You know, any way you slice it, Tebow did pull off a miracle in the playoffs. Tim Tebow did. He had atheists praying to God that he would lose. So even that, you'd have to say, is a major, major achievement."

"When Fox brings Geraldo out somebody is dead, there's been an accident, or something with dire consequences has happened."

"I'm not like most people, you know, geared to the sick days, geared to the vacation days, when's the next day off, I don't think like that."

"If you haven't seen the Limbaugh Broadcast Museum, you really should. You should tour it. It's one of the greatest graphic creations in all of websitedom, a forerunner to what might be a bricks-and-mortar building one day. One never knows."


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