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Media Obsessed That Huntsman Pullout will Lead to Newt Surge
RUSH: The Drive-Bys are now fixated on whether or not Newt will surge in South Carolina since Huntsman has pulled out. Uh, Newt may surge, I have no idea, but what's the connection with Huntsman? Does Huntsman have enough votes to go to anybody that would make a surge? Five percent, big whoop. Now, if Newt got 'em all and it shows up in polling data, they might say, "Hey, look at this! There's a Newt surge going on. They're looking for it out there. Anything is still possible, by the way, folks, anything's still possible. People think this is all in the can, it's just a matter of letting time play out. But anything can still happen here. This is politics.

Zappos Hacked
RUSH: Did you see where this Amazon outfit, Zappos -- and I never heard of it until I saw this story -- 24 million customers had their information hacked into, their credit card, account passwords and so forth. 

CBS Sports Wants Tebow in Booth
RUSH: CBS Sports is trying to hire Tim Tebow for the broadcast team coverage of the AFC championship game, the Patriots and the Ravens, for this Sunday.  Sean McManus (his father was Jim McKay) has contacted Tebow's people, and they're hoping for a response by midweek.  CBS Sports wants Tebow on the broadcast coverage Sunday, which means, folks, that some people will even put profit ahead of their agnosticism.  Just goes to show. 


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