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originalSome of the topics we're loaded with today: Costa Concordia Death Toll at 11 || GOP Race Intensifies  || Obama Will Outsmart His Critics || Pelosi: GOP Knows Romney Can't Win

Morning Update: Who, Indeed?

“Who is killing Iranian nuclear scientists?“ That’s the headline of a recent CNN story about the death of Mostafa Roshan, who assumed road temperature in Tehran last week, thanks to a bomb strategically placed in his car.

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Fox Voter: Newt is Fat, White and Rich ... 48% of Americans Get Some Sort of Government Assistance ... Solyndra Redux ... Money Does Buy Happiness ... Kerry Kennedy Rakes in Millions Off Rainforest BS ... Chickified Captain Abandons Ship ... Rise of Groupthink...

I Don't Have to Write Another Book Because Mark Levin Wrote "Ameritopia"

RUSH: People say, "You know, you need to write a new book."  And I don't want to write another book.  I've been there, done that.  Books are all over the place out there.  I don't have an iron butt.  I can't sit down long enough to write a book, and now I don't have to 'cause my buddy Mark Levin -- Flee -- new book is out called "Ameritopia: The Unmaking of America." I don't have to write another book, at least not now.


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