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Fox Voter: Newt is Fat, White and Rich
RUSH: During the break I was watching Fox.  I have it on here in the studio, and Megyn Kelly had a small audience in there to talk about the debate, and she went to a woman, and I'm reading this on the closed-captioning.  I don't ever turn on the audio, just can't hear it.  Well, I can, but I don't take the time, I just read the closed-captioning.  The woman says, "I don't want Newt.  He's the wrong messenger.  A fat white rich guy."  We don't want Newt for our messenger.  He's just the wrong fat, old, white rich guy. 

Hey, Newt isn't rich.  But, anyway, this is where we are.  What he said didn't matter a hill of beans to this one woman, didn't matter.  It's totally about how he looks and how he's gonna be perceived and what the other guys are going to say about him that's going to embarrass her.  That's the sole reason she's making a judgment, 'cause of how she's gonna feel when people say that about Newt, if Newt would happen to be the nominee. 

48% of Americans Get Some Sort of Government Assistance
RUSH: Here's news from the Wall Street Journal.  No surprise here:  48.6% of US lived in households are receiving some type of government benefits in the second quarter of 2010, Census Bureau numbers.  "Some 48.6% of the population lived in a household receiving some type of government benefit." Nearly half of America lives in a household receiving government benefits.  Nearly half. (interruption) You're not surprised, are you?  You are surprised?  You're surprised at that?  Well, what's the difference in that and 47% aren't paying any income tax?  Don't the two kind of go together? 

"The pool of Americans relying on government benefits rose to record highs last year as an increasing share of families tapped aid in a weak economy. Some 48.6% of the population lived in a household receiving some type of government benefit in the second quarter of 2010, up a notch from 48.5%." So it's up one-tenth of 1% in the first quarter.  So we are immersed here in looksism and class envy.  Forty-eight-point-six percent receiving some type of government benefit.  That can only help Obama.  That can only help the Democrats.  That's what they're doing. 

Solyndra Redux
RUSH: It has happened again. "Willard & Kelsey Solar Group LLC laid off about 40 people indefinitely at the beginning of January until changes to its production line are completed, a company official said Monday. Michael Cicak, the company's chief executive officer and chairman of the board, would not say when the changes would be completed or when the laid-off employees could return to work. 'We have some technical people in here improving the efficiency of the assembly line,' Mr. Cicak said..." This company "has received millions of dollars in government loans and tax breaks and has been toured by high-profile officials such as Vice President Joe Biden, US Secretary of Labor Hilda Solis, and former Ohio Gov. Ted Strickland."

So another Solyndra, smaller. Another solar company with federal Obama dollars laying off about 40 people, shutting down. It's from the Toledo Blade: "Solar Company Lays Off 40 Employees -- Only 15 cars were in the parking lot at 1:30 p.m. Monday. The office was devoid of activity, and the rows of desks were empty." At full employment, they had 80 people, so they're laying off half the workers. Another solar panel firm down the tubes. More of green energy funded by government. There's no market for it. Fini.

Money Does Buy Happiness
RUSH: The last couple weeks I've been making a point about money and how it is the central, number one motivating, animating feature of why people go into politics. And two or three stories just happened to occur in show prep today that, combined, make a very excellent point that I want to make about money. One of the stories is a research piece. You've heard the old adage, money can't buy happiness. A research piece says that's dead wrong and has always been wrong. Money does buy happiness and can. The story goes on to explain why there is no such thing as "enough;" why people, no matter who they are, what they have, always want more. It says how that's healthy, how that's not bad; it's always been the case. It's a good piece. It's an excellent piece.

UK Daily Mail: "Why Money Really Can Buy You Happiness -- Cash is the most important factor in making us feel content, say researchers." There really shouldn't be any doubt about that. That's all everybody's pursuing, particularly those who deny it. The people who tell you, "It's not about the money," it is about the money. The Beatles broke up over money! Everybody think it's Yoko Ono. They broke up over money. You know the Beatles were getting 16% or 16¢, I forget which, on songs they had written. That's incredibly low. The Beatles made most of their money from touring. They had rotten royalty deals back then. Two of the Beatles didn't like touring. Lennon and McCartney got 20%, the other two got 16, and that was a problem.

There's so much pursuit of money. Everybody wants more, and everybody wants a better life for themselves and their families, and this whole notion of, "Well, don't you have enough?" Apparently not, because people don't willingly stop. This whole notion of a comfort level? Yeah, there is a comfort level that people hit at some point in their lives, but they'll never refuse more when they reach the comfort level. It may alter their intensity a bit, but the quest for more is always there.

Kerry Kennedy Rakes in Millions Off Rainforest BS
RUSH: Did you see the story from yesterday? Kerry Kennedy, the ex-wife of Andrew Cuomo, working at a nonprofit, is going to pocket $40 million for her efforts. Yeah, if the settlement works out, but regardless: $40 million. The rich gets richer: The Kennedys, at a nonprofit. Don't tell me people don't care about the money! Don't tell me people are doing all that they do for altruism.

Chickified Captain Abandons Ship
RUSH: We're talking about the cultural divide and how things change. This Costa ship that hit the rock and is listing over in Italy? The captain made sure he was one of the first people off the ship (chuckling) and there are stories galore today contrasting him and the crew, the male crew, of the Titanic who all went down. "Women and children first!" They went down with the ship. This guy was the first off, and he went back trying to get the black box and his crew did a mutiny and they all tried to get off. They said, "It's every man for himself!"

The captain of the Titanic, after all the lifeboats were filled and all that was left was the crew and the male passengers who didn't make the boats at that point, declared, "All hands for yourselves now." This guy declared it at the outset. Chickification. This guy thought he was a woman. He's no different, first off. "I'm outta here, man! I steered this thing into a rock and I'm not hanging around to get caught. I'm gone." He was showing off.

The Rise of Groupthink

This is one of these pieces that will be tough to break down for radio. It's a Susan Cain piece, the New York Times on 15th of January, a couple days ago, about the rise of groupthink and how the rise of groupthink (in schools everywhere, in business) is choking off creativity. Groupthink is putting people in groups, in offices, in schools, brainstorming sessions, all this, is depriving people of their own individuality and creativity and how it's horrible. It is a rotten mistake that our culture is making, and essentially you could say here that collectives retard and hamper progress. Groups can stifle individual effort and creative thinking. It doesn't happen. She cites all the great artists and all the great inventors and all the great thinkers and asks you to think about what group were they part of. Like, who helped Picasso paint? Who were part of his brainstorm sessions? It's pretty good. So this is gonna be a challenge to break this down. And that's what we do here, we make the complex understandable. That's a great piece.


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