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Homeless Update: Republican Duo in Florida Wants Homeless Housed in Sports Stadiums


RUSH: Mike, grab Clarence "Frogman" Henry. Let me know when you have that. We've got a homeless update. We haven't had a homeless update in I can't tell you how long, because we generally don't have homeless news when we have a Democrat in the White House. We have occasional homeless stories, but there's been nothing big. They haven't been a whole lot of stuff to talk about here, but we've got a genuine homeless update here. (Ain't Got No Home) Clarence "Frogman" Henry. Our official homeless update theme. This song was recorded New Orleans in 1956. Here comes verse two. (continued playing of song) That is Clarence "Frogman" Henry and vocal portrayal here as a girl, started out as a homeless guy. This a homeless girl, and up next, Clarence "Frogman" Henry as a homeless frog. (continued playing of song) And Clarence "Frogman" Henry displaying a wide-ranging vocal range and repertoire, former Billboard number one smash hit, Ain't Got No Home.

Here's the homeless news, ladies and gentlemen.  And we have performed in concert with Clarence "Frogman" Henry.  In the old days of the Rush to Excellence Tour, Clarence "Frogman" Henry actually opened the show. We did a duet of that tune at what was then ARCO Arena, Sacramento, California. 
Yeah, I remember, we called him, offered him the job on the air.  And he said, "I take the job."  He thanked me very much. He said he felt like he was finally at the dock when his ship came in, instead of at the airport. 

This is a story out of Miami.  "A pair of bills making their way through the Florida legislature could have local homeless sleeping on the 50-yard-line of Sun Life Stadium or up in the rafter of the American Airlines Arena.  Florida State Senator Mike Bennett (R-Bradenton) and State Rep. Frank Artilles (R-Miami) have introduced bills to demand Florida’s professional sports franchises to either start housing homeless folks in their stadiums and arenas, or give back the hundreds of millions of dollars they have received from the state."

This is what happens when you don't build your own stadium.  When you ask the taxpayers to build it, a couple of Republicans will come along and say, "You know what? The state built that with taxpayer money. We got a homeless problem. When you're not using the stadium, you're putting them in there. We're gonna put them on the 50-yard-line. We're gonna put 'em in American Airlines Arena."  This is Republicans who proposed this, two Republicans proposed this. 

"'I want to make good citizens out of them,' Bennett told CBS4 News Tuesday. 'Here we are cutting money for Medicaid, we’re cutting money for education, we’re cutting money for homeless programs and shelters and all these other things and we’re saying, you know what maybe we should ask for that money back since they didn’t do it, they didn’t comply, they chose to ignore the law.'  The law Bennett refers to is a provision of a 1988 statute requiring teams that take state money to convert to homeless shelters when the teams aren’t playing." It's a law that's already on the books from 1988.  "In the 23 years the law has been in existence; it has never been enforced."

They're simply asking it to be enforced.  You know what?  You Republicans in North Carolina, you might want to try this, 'cause Obama's gonna use, I forget the name of the stadium.  Bank of America Stadium is it in Charlotte?  It's where Obama's gonna do his acceptance speech, 74,000 people with the fake Greek columns again, put the homeless in there.  The Democrats like to sweep the homeless as far away from their venues as they can each time they're gonna do something like this.



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