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Barney Frank to Tie the Knot
RUSH: Not about Newt today, folks. In fact, some of the real news happening... You may not-a heard this. Breaking news from Fox. Barney Frank, who's retiring from Congress at 71 years old, is gonna marry his longtime partner in Massachusetts. That's right! I said, "The heck with the Newt stuff, I mean that's big news. That's breaking news out there on Fox." Barney Frank, 71 years old, is gonna marry his partner. I wonder if Barney is gonna have an open marriage?

Media Matters: Rush is Anti-Reagan
RUSH: Media Matters for America has a story today saying that I am anti-Reagan, based on my comments yesterday that there's nothing about teamwork in the Constitution, what is Obama talking about teamwork?  And they have a Reagan quote on teamwork here, and they say, "See, Limbaugh was even anti-Reagan."  So they're lumping me in with Newt today -- hee-hee-hee -- we're learning so much here today that none of us knew before today.

Media Spins Economic "Recovery" for Obama
RUSH: Home sales in December were the worst on record. Meanwhile, in the State of the Union show, what I have appropriately dubbed the Class Warfare Rally, Obama's painting this picket of a rebounding economy. And Erin Burnett on CNN last night, said, "You know what?" All excited. "If the unemployment gets down to 8.2%, that's it! The Republicans don't have a prayer. Obama gets reelected. All he has to do is get the 8.2%!" AP: " "Fewer people bought new homes in December, making 2011 the worst sales year on record. The Commerce Department said Thursday new-home sales fell last month to a seasonally adjusted annual pace of 307,000. The pace is less than half the 700,000 that economists say must be sold in a healthy economy." Total home sales last year were less than the 323,000 sold in 2010.

This is the worst year, 2011. It's the worst year for home sales since records started being kept back in 1963. "The decline in sales comes as other signs suggest the depressed housing market is starting to recover." Ha-ha-ha-ha. You've got the worst year ever and the AP, never giving up, says, "Hey, guess what? You know what? This is coming amid signs that the housing market's starting to recover!" How in the world do you get from the worst year on record to, "Hey, this is a sign it's starting to get better!" What, is it so bad it can't get any worse? Unemployment is up, housing is through the floor, the GDP is what, the national debt is what -- and the media is telling us, "Obama's got his swagger back, because the economy's doing so well!"

Did you hear that Newt wants to colonize the moon, by the way? (laughing) "Jobless Claims are Up By 21,000," but happy days are here again. That's right, from Christopher Rugaber at AP. Always dependable. "The number of people seeking unemployment benefits rose last week to a seasonally adjusted 377,000. That's up from a nearly four-year low the previous week, but the longer term trend is pointing to a healthier job market." (laughing) Why, shazam! Just like in the housing market. We had a record low year and it's a sign of everything coming back. Now we had claims for unemployment everything going way up but "the longer term trend pointing to a healthier job market." Well, it couldn't get any better! Man, all the signs are there! All the sign!

TARP and the stimulus, yeah, it took longer than we thought, but boy, oh, boy! Are they starting to really work now. AP says here, "The great news is the nation's added at least a hundred thousand jobs for six straight months. The unemployment rate has lined to 8.5%, lowest in almost three years." But what's so wonderful about a hundred thousand jobs a month? We have been we need 150,000 jobs every month just to keep up with population growth! All bogus.

HARP 2 is Here: Is Romney for It?
RUSH: Our old buddy Jim Pethokoukis who writes at Reuters and he's a think tank thinker at the American Enterprise Institute. I guess he was on CNBC with Larry Kudlow and the subject of mortgages came up. If I didn't know better, I'd say that in the interview with Kudlow Romney came out for mass refinancing of US mortgages. Just like we heard the regime was thinking of doing -- and, by the way, in fact, it may be happening. HARP 2 may in fact be happening under our nose while nobody is admitting it.

In fact, it is, 'cause I had somebody give me their HARP 2 postcard. Here, let me grab it. I have so much stuff on the desk, I look absent-minded professor. "HARP 2 is here! Do you have a PNC mortgage? If you do, call us for a loan today." Now, HARP 2 is what Obama claims he has not decided yet to do, and this is refinancing of your mortgage. Not forgive it, but really almost wipe it out. HARP 2 is here. Yeah. Even investment properties. Not just homes. Refinance investment properties. No minimum credit score required. The loan has to be owned by Fannie Mae or Freddie Mac. Bad credit? Okay!

"Mortgage history, one-times-30 in the last seven, 12 months, call us for details, no income documentation needed." There it is. It's right there. Apparently last night Romney chose to criticize Obama's version of a mass refinance plan, not say he disagreed with it. The question is: "Is Romney a soft, command-and-control kind of guy?" James Pethokoukis appearing with Kudlow last night thinks there may be some evidence in this. He not talking about Romneycare; we're talking about refinancing mortgages. Apparently Romney said enough here to indicate he might be for the mass refinancing of US mortgages, in a different way than Obama wants to do. But he might be for it.

Obama Orders 12 Pizzas in Vegas
RUSH: Apparently Moochelle Obama did not go with Barack Obama to Vegas.  (interruption) Well, there are media reports that he just ordered 12 pizzas and cannolis from Dom DeMarco's pizzeria in Vegas.  You know darn well if Moochelle was there that wouldn't happen.

GM CEO Says Volt a Punching Bag
RUSH: GM says the Volt has become a political punching bag.  Really.

Reuters Hit Piece on Rubio
RUSH: Reuters has a hit piece coming on Marco Rubio. In it he sunk the Titanic. He set the Hindenberg on fire. He was the second shooter in the grassy knoll, and he's encouraging children to abuse pets and skip school while fundraising for the Nazis. No, it doesn't say that, but may as well. I'm trying to illustrate what an absolutely horrible hit piece Reuters is running on Marco Rubio. I'll tell you, every gun in politics is trained on Republicans in Florida today except Santorum and Romney. Those are the two that nobody's shooting at.

Does Nagging Kill Marriages?
RUSH: Wall Street Journal. Dawn, this is for you. What is the modern marriage killer? It's more common than adultery and as toxic as adultery. What is it? According to the Journal -- it's not in my opinion -- there is an actual Wall Street Journal story on this.
"Meet the Marriage Killer." It's not adultery. It's more common than adultery, and potentially as toxic. It's not money. I'll give you a hint by reading the first paragraph.

"Ken Mac Dougall bit into the sandwich his wife had packed him for lunch and noticed something odd -- a Post-it note tucked between the ham and the cheese. He pulled it out of his mouth, smoothed the crinkles and read what his wife had written: 'Be in aisle 10 of Home Depot tonight at 6 p.m.' Mr. Mac Dougall was renovating the couple's Oak Ridge, N.J., kitchen, and his wife had been urging him to pick out the floor tiles. He felt he had plenty of time to do this task. She felt unheard. 'I thought the note was an ingenious and hysterical way to get his attention,' says his wife, Janet Pfeiffer," who is a motivational speaker.

"When recalling the incident which occurred several years ago, her husband didn't really see it that way. 'I don't need a reminder in the middle of my sandwich.'" I don't need a Post-It note between the ham and cheese! Okay, now I ask the question. What is more common than adultery and potentially as toxic? What is the marriage killer? No, not nagging women. Nagging. That's what the story says. "Nagging -- the interaction in which one person repeatedly makes a request, the other person repeatedly ignores it and both become increasingly annoyed -- is an issue every couple will grapple with at some point. While the word itself can provoke chuckles and eye-rolling, the dynamic can potentially be as dangerous to a marriage as adultery or bad finances. Experts say it is exactly the type of toxic communication that can eventually sink a relationship.

"Why do we nag? 'We have a perception that we won't get what we want from the other person, so we feel we need to keep asking in order to get it,'" said a psychologist. "It is a vicious circle: The naggee tires of the badgering and starts to withhold, which makes the nagger nag more. Personality contributes to the dynamic," the psychologist says. "An extremely organized, obsessive or anxious person may not be able to refrain from giving reminders, especially if the partner is laid back and often does things at the last minute. Other people are naturally resistant -- some might say lazy -- and could bring out the nagger in anyone. It is possible for husbands to nag, and wives to resent them for nagging. But women are more likely to nag, experts say, largely because they are conditioned to feel more responsible for managing home and family life. ... Men are to blame, too, because they don't always give a clear answer."

Anyway, that's in the Wall Street Journal, a typically long Wall Street Journal story on nagging as the marriage killer. And our resident expert on women and marriage is nodding his head in agreement in there. He also serves as the official program observer. Mr. Snerdley.

Green Car Battery Company Goes Bust
RUSH: From TheHill.com: "Obama-Backed Electric Car Battery-Maker Files for Bankruptcy -- An Indiana-based energy-storage company, whose subsidiary received a $118.5 million stimulus grant from the Energy Department, filed for bankruptcy Thursday. Ener1 is asking a federal bankruptcy court in New York to approve a plan to restructure the company's debt and infuse $81 million in equity funding." Oh, yeah. The private equity firm! The capitalism, looking to capitalism! So part of the stimulus to get you jobs went to a battery company. That's a new name for battery, "energy storage." It's a battery company. So $118.5 milliion from Obama's Porkulus bill, bankrupt. Solyndra, all this green energy stuff goes nowhere.

Fried Food Doesn't Kill You
RUSH: By the way, the story that we've heard for years that fried food is a heart risk, it's a myth.  The latest scientific research, there is no added heart risk to fried food.  In fact, if you eat fried food with olive oil you might even be helping yourself.  But eating fried food does not increase your risk of heart problems at all, according to the latest research.  That's just what the experts say now, folks.


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