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Pearls of Wisdom

"At Jungle Jim's, Two if by Tea was sold out in ten minutes. I don't know where the next store is gonna be. It's gonna be somewhere."

"Mitt Romney in the debate last night said all of this talk about health care is not worth getting angry out. And yes, ladies and gentlemen, it is."

"Warren Buffett says the criticism of his secretary is 'ridiculous,' and he wants everybody to leave her alone. Well, who brought her up? Who put her up there in the gallery next to Moochelle Obama during the State of the Union rally? Warren Buffett and Barack Obama!"

"At this stage, this back-and-forth, personal-attack criticism is not working. It's not what anybody on our side is interested in; it's not influential. It's not gonna change anybody's minds about anything, because it's irrelevant to what the people of this country are concerned about."

"Once the precepts of Obamacare are fully implemented, and if they're established as constitutional, then the Constitution doesn't mean anything anymore, and neither does our freedom or liberty."

"I don't use radio techniques. I don't have to use tricks to keep you here."

"We can't talk about this health care business and repealing it as some abstract academic discussion point in a classroom. This is real. And the impact it's gonna have on our lives is real."

"It's so much fun being with you to do this every day."

"Obama wants people paying the fine. He wants 'em not having insurance because while they're doing that, Obamacare is going to push private sector health insurance out of business. And by the time it's all said and done, five years or more, the only place you're gonna be able to go to get health insurance is the government and one of their numerous exchanges."

"Maybe anger doesn't sell on television. This is where I don't know. I actually think people mad on TV can be made to work. I used to do it in Sacramento."

"It would be interesting to see if the medical marijuana gang in this country would support an oral spray of marijuana that doesn't give you a high, does not increase your appetite, but effectively deals with a medical problem."

"People want their lives to matter, they want their lives to have meaning. They've unwittingly been destroying the planet, and so, all I have to do is buy a Big Mac in this 50% less Styrofoam container and I'm mattering. So they go buy Big Macs, think they're helping out."

"You know why Obama gives speeches written on the eighth grade level? It's the only demographic naive enough to believe what he's saying."

"Obamaism is collapsing everywhere around the world it's being tried."

"Obama's plan is to wipe out private sector insurance. And once it's gone, somebody tell me how it comes back. This is why this is so crucial."

"The virtual Limbaugh museum, you have to see it. The whole website, by the way, even if you don't become a member, you should. It's the best value, knowledge, and information out there, RushLimbaugh.com."


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