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Ron Paul Approved Racist Newsletters
RUSH: On the Ron Paul newsletter issue with all the racist elements of his newsletters from years ago. He says, "No, no, no. I never saw 'em. Other people did that." He did see 'em, is the latest story. He did see 'em.  He personally approved all the stuff that was in them, the Ron Paul newsletter. They want us to believe that there was a period of time only when the bad stuff was in it that he didn't care. He didn't write about it. He didn't know about it. Stuff snuck by him. It's not true.

Pathetic 2011 GDP Growth
RUSH: We got the GDP news today, and that's being misreported by the State-Controlled Media. "Hey, look at the fourth quarter! 2.8%!" No. No, no, folks, the answer is the real gross domestic product, the real strength of this economy in 2011 grew 1.7%. From the 2010 annual level to the 2011 annual level, we grew at 1.7% compared to 3% GDP growth in 2010. We almost cut our economic growth in half on the downside! Don't believe this crock reporting that the fourth quarter was way up there, 'cause it's gonna be revised down. That 2.8% is not gonna stand. And to get that 2.8% they have to count inventories. Not sales, inventory.

Gallup: Obama Had Most Polarized Third Year of Any Presidency
RUSH: Gallup is out with more polling data, and this is not a surprise: 2011 was the most polarized third year of a presidency by a wide margin ever. You know, Obama was gonna bring us together. We were gonna become one, gonna get rid of all the old divisions, gonna love each other. The world was gonna love us. We're gonna come together; gonna put aside the old politics. "The historically high gap between partisan job approval rating of Barack Obama continued during his third year in office. An average of 80% of Democrats and 12% of Republicans approve of the job he's doing." That is what we call "polarization," and it's the most polarized third year of a presidency in many, many moons according to Gallup.

Buffett: Leave My Secretary Alone
RUSH: From the Omaha World-Herald newspaper. Warren Buffett says the criticism of his secretary is "ridiculous," and he says that he's getting tired of it. He wants everybody to leave his secretary alone. Well, who brought her up? Who brought up his secretary? That's right: He and Obama! And who put her up there in the gallery next to Moochelle during the State of the Union rally? That was Obama, Obama and the Oracle of Omaha. "Warren Buffett's secretary, after being pointed out on national television during Tuesday's State of the Union speech, now is facing criticism over her salary and second home.

"Debbie Bosanek and her boss both declined Thursday to disclose how much she's paid, saying it's private. In an interview with The World-Herald, Buffett also said none of the online guesses about Bosanek's salary is right, and the critics are missing his point." Buffett "said the issue isn't Bosanek's income, nor is her tax rate unusually high. 'They can't attack the facts, so they attack the person. It's ridiculous.'" Who's attacking her as a person? Who is attacking her as a person? Nobody's attacking her as a person! I don't even know how many people are really talking about this because everybody's afraid of Warren Buffett.

I know I'm talking about it, but everybody's afraid of him. Everybody's always afraid of millionaires and billionaires. They think they take their money away from you or whatever, powerful people. But what I resent is this portrayal of her as some kind of a victim, as though there's nothing anybody can do about her horrible situation. Okay, so Buffett's paying her tax rate and she's paying her tax rate. "It's inherently unfair! Somebody ought to do something!" Well, you're talking to the president of the United States. Let him do something!

He's the guy that demanded these tax rates be extended in the lame duck session. What I resent is that place, by tradition, is reserved for heroes. We don't put victims up there, and she's not a victim! She's a football. She's being used as a political football and a pawn. Now, Obama told some college students today that Buffett's secretary told him about Buffett paying less of a tax rate at the State of the Union, which I don't understand because they've been saying that her tax rate is higher than Buffett's since before the State of the Union. Anyway, Warren Buffett is tired of the criticism, and he wants it to stop, but he put her out there! Nobody would know who she is if he weren't running around saying that and Obama hadn't picked up on it.

Regime Approves Paydays for TARP Firm Execs
RUSH: Other items in the news, from the New York Daily News: "Treasury Department Approves Huge Paydays for Execs at Firms Who Received TARP Bailout Money." Folks, do you remember how Obama put a "cap" on CEO salaries of guys who took TARP money? He capped CEO salaries at TARP firms at 500 grand. If your company took TARP bailout money, then your CEO is limited to a salary of $500,000. You remember when he said that his compensation czar, his pay czar (a guy named Kenneth Feinberg) was gonna rein in all those crazy Wall Street salaries and that we had to get rid of all of these bonuses? Well, it turns out that during the height of the recession, the pay czar, Kenneth Feinberg, approved pay packages for the bailed out companies that gave 49 executives more than $5 million each.

In fact, AIG's CEO alone got $10.5 million for two years in a row. Now Obama tells this guy Feinberg, "You go out there and we're gonna cap these people's earnings at $500,000. If they're getting bailout money, their salaries are capped at $500,000," and everybody says, "Well, how can you do that?" "We can do it because we're keeping them afloat. We bailed them out, so we're telling them." But under the table while nobody's looking: "The Treasury Department approved pay packages worth $5 million or more for 49 executives at a handful of firms that received the biggest taxpayer bailouts between 2009 and 2011.

"A scathing new audit this week by the inspector general for the Troubled Asset Relief Program blasted those payments, all of which occurred despite a $500,000 salary cap that President Obama and Congress established in 2009 at firms receiving 'exceptional assistance' under TARP." Now, we know Obama never really meant to put a cap on the salary of his donors -- uh, friends. It was all a show! It turns out that wasn't true. Obama said, "You know what? Not only are these bonuses too high, and I'm the only one separating you from the peasants with the pitchforks, but from now on, you can't earn more than $500,000," and they're earning $5 million bonuses.

One of them is an AIG guy! Remember how you were told to hate AIG? Remember how you were told the SEIU goes to the AIG exec's front lawn up in Connecticut and protests? You were told these people are rotten to the core. You should hate 'em and you should despise 'em? And then you were told Obama's gonna get even with them by limiting their pay to 500 grand a year? They're getting ten million. They're getting $10 million, ladies and gentlemen, all under the table while nobody was noticing.

Demi Moore in Crisis After Losing Boy Toy
RUSH: Snerdley just asked me a question.  Demi Moore is all over the news.  Apparently she had to go to the hospital.  She's not dealing well with the breakup of her relationship with the boy toy, and everybody's asking me, "Gee, what do you think that's about?"  Why are people asking me that?  Okay.  Folks, you're a woman, you're 48, a 30-year-old guy leaves you.  (clearing throat)  Yeah, they're asking me 'cause it's Open Line Friday.  They say she called 911 because of something she smoked. It wasn't marijuana. It was like incense. 


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