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Pearls of Wisdom

"Unlike Tom Brokaw, I don't care if a campaign wants to use any of me in their spots."

"I am getting tired of the whining about negative campaigning. What in the world is politics?  What is it, if not this?"

"I've long maintained that whoever can articulate conservatism the most consistently, the most confidently and the happiest, is going to win this thing.  And that pretty much could overcome any of the negatives."

"I don't care who's telling lies in the Republican campaign, they are pikers compared to what's gonna happen when the Democrat campaign begins."

"As hard-hitting and go-for-the-throat and take-no-prisoners as Romney's going after Newt, he will not do this going after Obama."  

"Have you seen any evidence of any Republican going after Obama the way Republicans are going after each other?  You haven't."

"One of the reasons that the Democrats and the regime are so hell-bent to do away with Citizens United, that Supreme Court case, is that they don't like super PACs."

"The Democrats have their own super PACs.  One of their super PACs is the union movement."
"The Republican consultants that are in play here are not going to permit their candidate to go after Obama.  They think they're gonna be losing independents."

"Mike Huckabee, the host of Huckabee, which it figures that Mike Huckabee would be the host of a show named Huckabee, and he is."

"The people that oppose Romney hate the guy, and there are a lot of people that hate Newt the same way.  The only guy that nobody hates is Santorum."

"You know, trench coats are the uniform of foreign correspondents.  You gotta wear a trench coat. They want to look like secret agents out there, spies.  The only thing missing now is the cigarette."

"You've got Romneycare as basically the junior version of Obamacare, that Romney will not distance himself from.  So I'm sure the regime thinks that takes that issue off the table."

"You don't think Obama's super PACs -- starting with the media and the unions -- will try to go after Romney on being a Mormon? You wait."

"The federal government doesn't have a dime until it takes it from people who produce it and earn it.  Pure and simple.  The federal government produces nothing.  Absolutely nothing."

"Everybody running in this campaign has, at one time or another, either instituted a health care mandate or has said they're for it. Everybody, Democrat or Republican, except for Rick Santorum."

"I was a guest in Green Bay of the Packers, and one of the members of the Packers board of directors came up to me and was seething. 'The NFL is not socialism! You were terribly incorrect when you pointed that out.' I said, 'I'm simply talking about how you share the revenue. Everybody ends up with the same amount of TV money.'"


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