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Pearls of Wisdom

 "It's the Florida primary. I want to see if anybody votes for Pat Buchanan today. That's what I want to see. I know the chads are gone, but I still want to see if somebody ends up voting for Buchanan."

"It's a shame one of the tried-and-true virtues, manners, politeness seem to always get a person in trouble."

"Contrary to what many of you might believe, I do not have an out-sized ego. I don't have really much of an ego at all. I frankly wish I had a bigger ego than I do. I don't think that my endorsement is gonna change a whole lot of opinions."

"I'll tell you right now, I'm not voting Obama. I'm the expert. And that's really all you need to know."

"The Republican establishment wants spending. They want active government, they want to be in charge of it. They'll tinker with it on the margins, but they want to be inside the entire power structure. They don't want to be at odds with the power structure in New York, in Washington, in the whole Northeastern Corridor."

"The Republican Party is hell-bent on making sure that the Tea Party (i.e., conservatives) do not conquer this party and end up controlling it or running it."

"The best way, folks, for you to read my tea leaves is to go to TwoIfByTea.com and buy some."

"Party identification is not quite as big a margin, but when it comes to down to ideology, there are twice as many people who will tell pollsters they are conservative."

"The Democrats can't get anywhere without lying about it."

"We just literally cannot survive as we exist today and as we were founded with four more years of Obama."

"Some people who are crackers like being called crackers, but not everybody who's a cracker likes being called a cracker. Some people are proud of it, some of them aren't."

"After the elections, after November, we can look forward to a 1% GDP. That's a recession, folks. The New York Times called 3.5% GDP a recession under Bush."

"When the government's sole source of revenue outside printing it or borrowing it from the ChiComs is taxing the output of the private sector, how does it make any sense to put $800 billion into the private sector that can only come from the private sector in the first place?"

"Folks, I'm always the first guy picked to be on a team. Everybody wants me on their team. I understand."

"I'll tell you one thing that's gonna happen in Florida tonight if the polls are right. And I say 'if the polls are right.' If the polls are right, the combined number of votes Santorum and Gingrich will be larger than the number of votes Romney gets, and that's gonna tick people off. 'Cause what it's gonna say is the conservative vote is stronger."

"If the conservative vote were unified behind one candidate and stayed that way, then Romney would be beat. But the conventional wisdom that Santorum's voters would go Gingrich? I'm not so sure."

"You know, I sometimes ask myself, why do people not see Obama for what he really is? And I have to realize, 40% of the country want what he's offering."

"Everybody is guilty of some transgression against conservatism, except Santorum."


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