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Some of the topics we're loaded with today: Romney Crushes Newt in Florida || Obama Adds Another $1 Trillion Deficit || Soul Train's Don Cornelius Dead at 75 || Iran Said Ready to Attack Inside USA

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Unemployment News Could Get Worse on Friday... Gallup State-By State Map Shows Landslide Obama Loss... El Rushbo Wasn't Exit Polled... Correction: Huckabee Hasn't Endorsed Romney... Big Education Never Does with Less...

Mitt Makes Himself a Target Again

RUSH: These Wizards of Smart in the Republican establishment say, "We can't have Newt out there! Why, Newt's gonna be the topic. We need Obama to be the topic. We need Obama to be the guy campaign's about. If Newt's out there, it's only gonna be about Newt." Well, what evidence is there that it's not gonna be about Romney with these kinds of statements?