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Pearls of Wisdom

 "There is a relationship between abortion and breast cancer, and notice how nobody wants to talk about that. Nobody -- particularly a female-oriented charity like Komen -- is gonna stop or interrupt the money flow to the pro-abortion mill industry."

"In every economy, somebody is doing well when somebody's hurting."

"I don't know how you go from 132.9 million people working in December to 130.4 million people working in January. That's a loss of 2.5 million jobs. I don't know how you get from that to an increase of 233,000 jobs after the seasonal adjustment."

"There isn't job creation going on. Not to the tune the regime wants you to believe it. It just isn't happening."

"Even if the unemployment number really is 8.3%, just remember, it only took us $5 trillion in spending to get there."

"Wow! Santorum's fundraising has tripled ever since I said that about him, and that was just a couple of days ago."

"The unemployment rate is more tied to people leaving the labor force than it is tied to businesses adding jobs. That, I think, is pretty safe to conclude."

"Shell Oil has announced losses in the billions because of Obama's moratorium on drilling in the Gulf of Mexico. And yet we're told all this wonderful news is happening out there. All this wonderful economic news is happening. This great economic growth is taking place. And the evidence is not there to support that."

"The feminazis don't like male behavior at all, and what really ticks 'em off is that beautiful women can make men change their minds."

"For the record, the average unemployment rate under Bush was 5.2%. It was only as high as 7.3% one time, and that was the last month of Bush's regime, and that happens to coincide with the bottom falling out of the national mood after Obama had won."

"Seasonal adjustment is not just what the guess is about the number of jobs from month to month. It also includes adjustment for the size of the labor force. And that's how they're able to play games with the labor force participation rate."

"The whole notion that Obama's got a direct line to Jesus and Jesus would agree with doing everything we can to see to it that people don't work and that we just 'take care of' those who don't work? This attaching virtue to this... It's a typical liberal trick."

"It has the potential to be another great Super Bowl."


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