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Ginsburg's Advice for Egypt
RUSH: I saw something yesterday, Ruth Bader Ginsburg, current Supreme Court justicette, was speaking to an audience in Egypt, and she was advising them what to do if they were going to write a constitution.  And she said, "Don't use the United States Constitution as a model."  A sitting Supreme Court justice told Egyptians, (paraphrasing) "Don't use the US Constitution, that's too old, it's out of date. Use the Constitution of Canada or South Africa."  The South African constitution, that's pretty good, because those constitutions focus on human rights, and the US Constitution is very weak on human rights.  A sitting Supreme Court justice advising that.

Men Turn Nicer Around Pretty Women
RUSH:  From the UK Daily Mail:  "Why a pretty woman stops men behaving badly... but for the fairer sex it's a different story.  If the man in your life is suddenly on his best behaviour, have a look around.  Men apparently become nicer, kinder  and more caring when there is a beautiful woman nearby."  Now, this apparently is news to these people.  This apparently is a sudden revelation.  "Women, however, feel less of a need to impress and remain true to themselves, even when there is a handsome chap hovering in the wings."

originalSo when a beautiful woman's around, men's behavior will improve a hundred percent.  They'll stop being predators and they'll stop, you know, expelling gas. They'll stop burping and they'll stop cursing, stop scratching and all that.  They'll become little princes when a beautiful woman's around.  But you bring in a great looking guy and women couldn't care less.  It doesn't change the way they behave at all, and here is the documentation to prove it.

By the way, Undeniable Truth of Life number 24, can I call your attention to that here?  Feminism was established to allow unattractive women easier access to the mainstream. I mean it's right here.  Beautiful women, men change their behavior.  The feminazis don't like male behavior at all, and what really ticks 'em off is that beautiful women can make men change their minds.  What is the opposite of this?  So a bunch of guys are at, say, a bar, wherever it is, a beautiful woman walks in and they stop being brutes and predators. By the same token, what happens when a feminazi walks in?  He-he-he.  They turn into beasts when the feminazis -- (interruption) nothing happens, Snerdley.  They get worse.  Men get worse when the feminazis walk in.  "Mr. Limbaugh, are you commenting on the attractiveness or lack of it of feminazis?"  Yes, Mr. New Castrati.  What was your first clue, sir?  Exactly, Mr. Castrati, that was the point.

El Rushbo Finally Gets a Monday Holiday
RUSH: I will be out Monday.  Who we got, Mark Steyn here?  Mark Steyn will be here on Monday.  I, El Rushbo, will be back on Tuesday, revved up and ready to go, and we'll see you then. (interruption) Well, I missed President's Day, nobody told me again, so I'm making it up. The Super Bowl's a three-day weekend as far as I'm concerned.  Nobody ever tells me, I always miss those President's Day deals. I got screwed, so I'm taking Monday off.


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