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"A lot of people think we live in a democracy. We don't. We live in a representative republic where theoretically the people have a say in what the government does.
A democracy is pure majority rule, and that's what Obama is attempting to set up."

"The biggest obstacle Obama has is the Constitution. The Constitution gets in his way."

"I don't have a PR agent. I don't massage the media. I don't do anything like that. And so the media, try as they might, cannot break me. They've tried, and they continue to try."

"We have a Democrat Party led by a man whose avowed aim is to change America, to transform it. His biggest obstacle is the Constitution. I wish I could tell you his biggest obstacle is the Republican Party, but sadly that's not the case."

"The Catholics Church is just the latest springboard for the left to advance their agenda. The actual target here is the Constitution of the United States."

"When the Democrats are about to get shellacked. When the Democrats are about to get creamed, when the Democrats are on the ropes, 'Time-out! We gotta stop the criticism. We gotta stop all the partisanship. We gotta all start working together.' Of course that means, 'Republicans need to shut up. Conservatives need to shut up.'"

"What's wrong with the country is things that have been done to it in the name of liberalism or progressivism by people like Obama, by people like Bill Clinton, by people like Nancy Pelosi. The list is long. It's not just Obama, but he's at the top of the totem pole on all this."

"I think Eastwood got scammed. I think he got scammed. I think he got roped into doing something he thought was patriotic, and ended up being played."

"I don't agree that the founding of this country is immoral or unjust. I think it's one of the most miraculous things that's happened in human history. I believe the founding of the country was blessed by God because it is so indicated in our founding documents. Those are fighting words to the Democrat Party today."

"The virtual version of the Rush Limbaugh Broadcast Museum is up and running at RushLimbaugh.com. It's amazing if you haven't seen it and taken the tour."

"We have a Democrat Party led by a man whose avowed aim is to change America, transform it. And his biggest impediment is the Constitution. That's the single biggest obstacle he's got."

"The seasonal adjustment number has been devised as a way of softening the blow, mitigating the impact of the real unemployment news, and it's something that's been going on a long time."

"What do we have to agree with people like Obama and the whole Democrat Party? We don't. There aren't any areas of commonality, folks."

"The Constitution is a document that empowers citizens. It empowers the individual over the state, and that is despised by people like Obama."

"Same-sex marriage is said to be constitutional, the Ninth Circus says so. This is the kind of assault on the Constitution and on our culture that's taking place being sponsored by the American left."


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